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Transplanting Bamboo

Transplanting bamboo from is a skill that I will help you learn.  Many people can benefit from a little bit of bamboo growth within their gardens.

Whether it is something nice a small like Heavenly Bamboo or something on a larger scale, there is a very important transition from one end of the flower bed to the other.

You could want to move one of your already existent bamboo plants to another location.

The task my seem overwhelming at first, but just take it step by step and before you know it, you will have transplanted you very own bamboo tree.

You will want to have your gardening tools ready, have a towel soaked with water, and a plastic bag to wrap the roots in once you have the bamboo out of the ground.

You do not want to allow your bamboo plant to dry out once it is out of the ground. That will have drastic affects on your bamboo plants health.

Transplanting BambooHave your new hole already dug and ready for when you are transplanting bamboo.

If you cannot have the hole dug before hand, just keep the bamboo hydrated.

The less you keep the bamboo out of the ground, the better chances you have of not having it dry out.

Also make sure you know if you will be dealing with running bamboo or clumping bamboo, this will determine which type of roots you will be digging out.

You will want to transplant it when you do not have a growing bamboo plant, pick a time of year when the shoots are not in motion.

Start by digging around the portion of the plant that you want to move.

Loosen up the dirt about one to one and a half feet away from the base of your bamboo.

Dig down until you have as much of the roots that you want to dig up exposed. You can leave some of the roots if you want more bamboo growth in that area; otherwise dig all of the roots up.
Once you have the bamboo out of the ground, quickly wrap the roots with the damp towel and then wrap it in the plastic bag.

This will ensure that your plant stays hydrated the whole time during its trip above ground. I must reiterate, dry roots are your enemy here, and your ally in this fight is the plastic bag sealing in moisture.

If you are taking your bamboo plant on a long journey, then carry water with you and check on it every hour, watering it when you need to. Try to keep the leaves covered too, protecting your plant from the wind and the sun, this will aide in keeping it hydrated and ready for replanting with few hang ups.

Now go ahead and plant your bamboo in its new home! Remove the towel and protective, plastic bag, and gentle lay the soil around it. You will not want to pack the soil too tightly.
Transplanting bamboo will help you reorder you garden and give it a fresh new look.

Enjoy your results and have a great day!

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