Bamboo Plant Care

Silk Bamboo Tree

A silk bamboo tree is a great low maintenance alternative to other types of bamboos.

Whenever you are thinking about getting some bamboo plants you have to take into account the amount of care you will have to give it.

If you are not capable of giving your bamboo care and the attention that it requires, a silk bamboo tree may be just what you are looking for.

This type of replica is usually made of a plastic piece in the shape of a bamboo plant shoot and the leaves that come off of it are made of silk.

The faux wood is colored to look like a normal piece of bamboo which usually consists of a shade of tan.

The true beauty comes from the silk leaves. Whenever you get one, pay close attention to how to fake leaves look, make sure that the leaves have a real appearance to them and stick to the way areal bamboo leaf would look.

Some people get a silk bamboo tree because they just want it for decorative purposes. They only consider where the plant will go and how it will take up space. That is a serious pro because with traditional bamboo, you do not get to choose how far out the leaves will come.But if you research your plant before you get one, you will have a very good idea of what the end result will look like.

With a silk tree in your house, you will not have to learn about how to care for bamboo, that is not the best thing in the world to me. I really enjoy getting to watch all of my hard work pay off in the form a real life, living, breathing plant in my living room.

Silk Bamboo Tree

This is more of an ideal thing for people who are out of town a lot and cannot water their plants on a regular basis. It is also an overall cheaper way to add color to your home. By getting a silk tree, you do not have to buy the fertilizer, or the peddle tray.

You also do not have to consider if your tree is getting enough light. You can just place your silk plant wherever you feel looks the best and leave it alone. But to me, there is nothing like seeing the morning sun bounce off the top of the leaves of beautiful the bamboo plants that I have taken care of.

You can get these care free plants in a predesigned height. So if you are looking to fill about a six foot vertical space, you can buy a six foot silk tree. That is very nice, because sometimes whenever you get a real piece of bamboo, you have to wait for it to reach a certain height and then you have to carefully prune it to have it maintain the desired size.

Whichever you choose, either a silk bamboo tree, or a real one, any home can benefit from the elegant touch of the bamboo plant. You will get to enjoy all the rich history, and luscious color that people have appreciated for centuries.


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