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Planting Bamboo

Planting bamboo can seem easy, but I want to help you find the best spot in your yard to put your bamboo plant. I remember the thought process I went through I was putting my first plant in my yard, just follow these simple guidelines and your bamboo will be thriving in no time.

Before you get your bamboo from the nursery or an online vendor, you will want to have a spot in your lawn or garden picked out that will help optimize the life of your plant.

Growing bamboo in a windy place is not ideal, try somewhere that is shielded from high winds.

When the winds whip around your bamboo leaves, it dries out the plant faster and creates a harsh environment for the leaves to do their jobs of feeding the roots.

This is something that is easily avoidable if your bamboo plant is in the right spot.

If you are planting from the very first step of germinating bamboo seeds, then getting a spot dug up is very easy.

Just loosen the dirt with your fingers and place the seed in the middle of a small whole. Then lightly cover the seedling with fresh earth and fertilizer.

Most of the time, however, when you are planting bamboo, you will need to dig a larger hole. If you are transplanting bamboo from a smaller pot you have, make sure that the hole is about two to four inches wider than the pot is.

If you are planting it from a larger grown state, make sure that the hole you dug is deep enough to cover all of the roots. When roots are sticking out of the ground they will not be getting enough of the water that they need to survive. Then when you cover the hole, do not pack the dirt on tightly. Loosely cover your bamboo plant so that the root system has time to settle and adjust to its new home.

While you are looking for the right spot to for planting bamboo choose one that has good irrigation. You do not want to select a place where water will settle and cause root rot. Try placing the plant at the top of a hill, or when you plant it, put more dirt at the base to elevate it.

Watch the top of the soil to make sure that it is fully drying out in between watering. That way you know how much, and how often to water your new plant. Pay attention to the leaves, they will tell you if the plant is getting enough water.

Also, make sure to give your new plant the right amount of sun. Plant you bamboo according to how much sun light it needs. Some bamboo needs shade during the hottest parts of the day, so keep it somewhere that will be brighter in the morning and lose sunlight as the day moves on.
With that in mind, the perfect spot for a bamboo plant should not be too far out of your reach.

Happy planting!

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