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Pictures of Bamboo

I want to give you guys a few pictures of bamboo so that you can have a good idea of what some good types might be for your home, garden, or both!

So just read through the descriptions that are located next to the lovely pictures of bamboo.

Here are some delicate bamboo seeds.

Whenever you are thinking about buying a type of bamboo, chances are that it would be cheaper to just buy the seeds instead of a pricier, ready to plant piece of bamboo.

bamboo seedsRemember that there is a lot more work in store for you if you decide to go this route, but the reward for all your hard work is well worth the effort.

This nice looking plant is a type of clumping bamboo. When you are dealing with picking a type of plant, there are two kinds to choose from, this one and also running bamboo.

The clumping kind is slow growing and can be easier to maintain in one spot. On the other hand, running bamboo can have a more difficult root system to deal with and containing it to one area requires more work on your part.

lucky bamboo In the pictures of bamboo here, we have a six stalked version of the lucky bamboo plant. This has six stalks, which means that the plant will bring you some peace of mind and inner harmony.

It is generally given as a present and as a sign of good fortune, but you can always get one for yourself.

Here we have some very tall bamboo. Some varieties for your home can grow up to fifteen feet tall, that may not sound like a lot, but that is almost three times the size of most grown men!

Other bamboo plants have been recorded at heights over one hundred feet tall. Whichever type of plant you decide to grow, make sure you have room for it, or that you know how to properly prune the species you go with.

tall bambooHere is a close up of some exquisite bamboo leaves. The leaves of the bamboo plant are known for their beauty. There is a lot of intricate detail on every leaf.

Each bamboo leaf is different from one variety to another. When you look deeply into a bamboo leaf, you can see the veins of the plant running freely through the leaf.

Some leafs have very rough, and well defined veins, while others are smoother and see to be much deeper within the walls of the leaf. Depending on what type of bamboo you are looking at will determine the leaf structure that it has.

bamboo leavesThese are just a few of the bamboo pictures. After you have read about these pictures, start to think about what it is exactly you are looking for in growing a bamboo plant.

That will give you a better idea, and description of what you should get and what will work for you in your area.



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