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Mexican Bamboo

A quickie on Mexican Bamboo...

There’s a pretty cool looking plant out there that goes by a few different names. Its Latin name is Polygonum cuspidatum. Some people call it Japanese knotweed. But the name this bamboo plant is mostly referred to is Mexican bamboo.

Mexican Bamboo

This plant grows in open, humid environments, like riverbanks, wetlands, or areas with disturbed soil. Disturbed soil usually makes plant life hard to grow because of its lack of room for a deep root system, but the plant has roots that grow outward, making it thrive in these conditions. It can be found in Mexico, but it is not isolated to that area. You can plant this inside or outside, the choice is up to you.

This plant is similar to another type of plant, the Heavenly bamboo.

They are both not actually bamboo plants, but due to their similar growth structure and appearance; they are commonly labeled as bamboo.

This plant has a hollow shoot arrangement that is common to its plant relatives.

Japanese knotweed is a member of the buckwheat family, so plants like, Curly Dock, and Sheep Sorrel.

Like Heavenly bamboo, this plant would be lovely for your in home decoration. This would be considered a medium sized indoor bamboo plant. It would need to be placed in full sun for it to get the proper nutrition to grow. Just like any other indoor plant, you will have to monitor its watering and soil conditions.

The leaves of these bamboo plants are long and narrow those have a drooping, or weeping trait to them. They have a light green color and this plant will have flowers that look green and white that will grow with five pedals on them. This plant can grow to be from three to nine feet tall.

You will notice that the Mexican bamboo grows in a zig zag pattern. This is a pretty neat thing to see, most other bamboo plants will just grow in straight shoots, while this one gives you a show! But remember that this is not real bamboo, so the growth patterns really shouldn’t be identical.

This is a really difficult plant to get rid of. The root system of this running bamboo, or rhizome, can grow up to five feet away from the shoot. That could give you a lot of work to do if you let this plant get out of hand in your garden.

If you do need to get rid of some of them, just dig up the rhizomes, leaving the ones that you want in your garden, and completely removing the plants that you need to destroy. You can also apply a herbicide directly to the leaves until the plants food source has been completely eradicated.

Please take time to consider if Mexican bamboo is right for you. It is a lovely plant to own, and if you take care of it with proper maintenance, the results can be a breath taking garden. I hope this article can help guide you on your way to making an informed decision.


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