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Lucky Bamboo Plant

I would like to talk with you about how the lucky bamboo plant is used within a home. Before we begin though, I would like to mention that lucky bamboo is actually a member of the Lily family.

It is shares the bamboo name because its stems imitate the same growing patterns as a bamboo plant shoot does.

They also grow in the same regions and are both very easily taken care of.

A Feng Shui bamboo plant is something that brings the balance of the elements in your home, Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Wood, and Metal, to order. Lucky Bamboo brings the balance of wood and water.  

And if you place it in the right pot, you can also have it represent metal, earth, and fire.

The pot will be the metal element, while the rocks that support the plants root system will be earth, and by placing a red ribbon around the plant, you will be representing the fire element.

It is because this small, simple plant represents all five elements that it is considered to be a great tool for Feng Shui.

Different types of Lucky Bamboo have different meanings. If you own a three stalked bamboo plant, that will bring you happiness. If you own a five stalked bamboo plant, it will bring you good health. If you own a six stalked bamboo plant, it will bring you peace and harmony. Finally, if you own an indoor bamboo plant that ends with eight, that is to say, 8, 18, 28, or 38 stalks, that is meant to bring prosperity.

When you start to consider lucky bamboo care, you should take the amount of light you are giving your plant into account. The best type of light to care for your bamboo plant is actually indirect sunlight. If you give your lucky bamboo plant too much sun, it can turn the Lucky Bamboo leafs yellow.

You should change the water about once a week, but make sure that you are using filtered water, if your tap water has too many chemicals in it, that could result in your Lucky Bamboos death. You can also buy Lucky Bamboo food that is a type of fertilizer that contains all the nutrients that your plant needs to thrive in an indoor environment. 

Remember that you do not have to have soil for your Lucky Bamboo to grow. I know that doesn’t sound right, but a Lucky Bamboo plant can grow in water. Just take a small vase, put some decorative stones in the base, and add about an inch of clean water to it. That should be just right for your indoor bamboo plant.

The decorative stones on the base provide support for the roots, that way your Lucky Bamboo can prosper and grow into a beautiful, well kept, shining example of bamboo. If those settings are not working, that’s when adding fertilizer is a good idea.

Please read more articles to further your knowledge on the amazing bamboo plant.

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