Bamboo Plant Care

Lucky Bamboo Plant Care

Lucky bamboo plant care is uncomplicated; so it makes a perfect gift for kids, the elderly, or someone new to plant care. The so-called lucky bamboo is known world-wide for its beauty, versatility and resilience. 

Tradition states that this cousin of the lily family is especially fortuitous if received as a gift.  Being ever vigilant to promote growing lucky bamboo, the care of lucky bamboo plants, although not difficult, does require a few simple steps. 

Most lucky bamboo is a favorite for indoor beautification.  Growing lucky bamboo is sold in stalks that are curled or straight.  These can be made into designs & shapes that are truly amazing. 

Indoor bamboo care for these plants is essential for growing lucky bamboo in this way. More detailed lucky bamboo care instructions are needed to create these masterful shapes, the bamboo actually must be grown toward the light source and be rotated to produce the patterns and circular looks. 

Regarding indoor bamboo care for the lucky bamboo, light is a most sensitive issue.  Like the true bamboo plants, the lucky bamboo is not an avid sun-bathing plant.  Lucky bamboo prefers in-direct, constant light. 

Bright, scorching sun is not a good idea for bamboo, the lucky is no exception.  This is one, if not the, most important tip to keep in mind for the care of lucky bamboo plants.  Extreme sun equals yellow leaves, the bamboo equivalent of sun-burn. 

The remaining lucky bamboo care instructions are simple to remember.  Keep your lucky bamboo in about 1 inch of distilled or natural spring water.  Water from the faucet or tap contains lead and chlorine, especially if you are in a city.  These elements will harm the bamboo.  Be sure to use fresher water for bamboo care. 

Lucky bamboo thrives best in water, but can be placed in potting soil as well.  In water, decorative rocks, stones, or pebbles add a dimension of elegance and help to support the growing plant.  The roots of the lucky bamboo are red.  This provides a contrast of color when set against white, black, or beige stones or marbles.  A weekly water change is best to avoid bacteria growing in the water and infecting the plant.

Lucky bamboo plant care involves getting nutrients for your plant.  Although the bamboo thrives with indirect light and clean water, it will need food to grow.  Basic plant food is a good choice.  A few drops in the water once a week will keep the plant fed.  Be sure not to over-feed the plant. 

Diluting of most plant food is necessary. About a tenth of the recommended strength of liquid food is sufficient for the lucky bamboo.  If the plant is growing too fast, go to an every other week feeding schedule. 

The lucky bamboo will bring simple style and grace to your home, office, or workspace.  Lucky bamboo plant care continues to delight and entertain people globally.  It is easy, fun, and rewarding. You will see results quickly with this cultivated plant.  It has been considered a source of luck for over 4000 years! 

The lucky bamboo brings fortune, joy, and happiness to all who own it.  May you be so lucky!


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