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Lucky Bamboo Care Instructions

Finding lucky bamboo care instructions can help extend the life of your plant and keep growing lucky bamboo a fixture in your home or office. Although it resembles bamboo and carries its name, lucky bamboo plants are not bamboo at all. Dracaena sanderiana is actually related to corn.

They are available in a variety of sizes and configurations.

Smaller plants are popular office or get well gifts because they are easy to maintain and require little space.

Arrangements from simple, inexpensive stalks to more expensive, ornate braided designs are common. 

They are available at almost any retailer including shopping mall and flea market stands, grocery store floral departments, dollar stores, online florist and garden centers. 

The care of these indoor bamboo plants is not time-consuming and many find it relaxing and rewarding.

Lucky bamboo care instructions center around giving the plant adequate water, light, space, and nutrients.  These four items, or a lack of them, can signal delight or disaster for the lucky bamboo. 

The lucky bamboo has earned a reputation for being quite tough, but a bad mix of these four can take down any growing lucky bamboo to nothing within two months or less.  Like all indoor bamboo plants, lucky bamboo requires little water. 

Usually about an inch of water is enough to hydrate the plant.  If your plant is suspended in water, use rocks, pebbles, stones, or marbles for support.  This also adds a nice flair to the arrangement. 

Lucky bamboo plant care requires you to take note of the roots of the plant.  The roots should be red, if they are any other color, trim immediately. 

For the care of lucky bamboo plants to be fun and hassle-free be sure to place the plant in a nice indirectly sunny shady spot.  Too much sun will begin to cause problems for the plant and increase your time commitment.  Lucky bamboo likes the shade, keep this in mind.  If the leaves begin to yellow, too much sun is the culprit. 

Like all indoor bamboo plants, the lucky bamboo requires nutrients to grow.  A small amount of plant food given once a week will keep it eating and growing.  Too much food will actually slow the growth, so be careful.  Dilute the food to about ten percent of the recommended amount. 

Be sure to feed and change the water once a week for excellent lucky bamboo plant care.  You will see the results almost immediately.  The dark green color, fresh smell, and strong stalk are good indications that all is right with the lucky bamboo. 

These straight-forward lucky bamboo care instructions will keep this harbinger of good fortune strong and healthy for a long, long time.  Regarding the care of lucky bamboo plants remember to have fun and stay watchful of your plant. 

If you feel something is wrong, try changing the water, or moving it to a different location.  Never give up on your plant.  The lucky bamboo is a symbol of luck and happiness, let it be so for you.

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