Bamboo Plant Care

How to Successfulyl Kill Bamboo

How to kill bamboo smoothly?  Why would you anyway?  So you planted some bamboo and do not want it anymore?

Or maybe your neighbors once lovely bamboo plant has gotten out of control and you want your lawn back.

Whatever your reasons are, I will help you learn how to kill bamboo.

One thing to remember about bamboo is that it is a very aggressive and unforgiving plant.

You most likely will not get rid of them on your first try.

This process can take up to months, if not longer. But the way I will share with you first is the minimally invasive solution to get rid of uncontrollable growing bamboo.

Kill BambooFirst you will want to get some form of herbicide, pick something that is thicker and has less chance of getting on your other plants.

The beginning step will take place about two weeks before the bamboo will actually be removed.

Take some gardening shears and prune off all the leaves,then take your herbicide and spray all the areas where the leaves were connected.

That will help destroy the plants food source.

Over the next week so not let any leaves grow back, you are trying to make the root system, or rhizome, starve. Now go back to the shoots of your troublesome bamboo plants and hack at the base of their shoots. Do this one at a time because the next step is critical.

After you cut the base of the shoot, you will have fifteen seconds to apply your herbicide to the fresh wound. You only have fifteen seconds because the sap inside the shoot will retreat to the roots during that short time frame. If you get the herbicide in there quick enough, the sap will carry the poison to the roots, and that will successfully kill bamboo.

Like I said, you might have to do that step a few times before the bamboo plant stops growing completely. Just be patient, and apply the herbicide two to three times per month until there is no more bamboo.

The other way to remove your bamboo plants is to dig them out by the roots. There are two types of bamboo root systems. There is running bamboo which grows very rapidly, and then there is clumping bamboo that grows in one spot slowly. This method will work for both of them.

You will have to dig the bamboo plants completely out of the ground. With clumped roots, you will have to remove the whole clump to be rid of your bamboo problem. And when dealing with running roots, you have to remove most of the rhizome. You can have small bits of the rhizome left over, but the less you have in the ground, the more likely you are to be rid of the bamboo.

I would suggest starting with the first method I described for you, in order to help preserve your lawn. I hope you found the help you were looking for, and remember, patience is your friend when you are trying to kill bamboo. I hope that helped.


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