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Installing Bamboo Flooring

In this article I would like to talk about installing bamboo flooring. There are many different types of wood that you can choose to redo a room with, but some of the best ones are made from the powerful bamboo plant, such as the amazing China bamboo flooring

Bamboo plants are great for making things out of.

They are considered to be very green.

So if you want to continue to be eco-friendly throughout your re-flooring process, make sure that the finishes you go with are also green products.

Also try to see if the harvester of a bamboo forest practices sustainable agriculture.

You can find out where a piece of bamboo comes from, and then you can search for the grower. Most of the reputable ones though, will be the easiest to find.

I would like to talk to you about some simple steps you can take to install your new flooring and some methods of bamboo flooring care. The first step is to find a type of bamboo that you think will look best in your newly redecorated room.

There are multitudes of designs and colors to choose from. I think that the best look is just a natural bamboo color. And if you stick with plain product, it creates a unique look that standard colored flooring cannot match.

Installing Bamboo Flooring

When it comes down to installing bamboo flooring you will have two choices. One is to install the flooring yourself. And the other option is to have it done professionally. This second option will not be cheap, adding the costs of buying the flooring and having it put down can be too much money.

So if you decide that doing this yourself is what you want to do, buy the kind of flooring that you want and get to work! If you can get a hold of a pre-fitted plank of bamboo, then that will make your life a lot easier when you start doing all the hard work.

A note about pre-fitted planks, whenever you lay out your first row of wood, cut the other ones so that you get a staggered appearance. The look of the bamboo not all being the same length gives more of a professional and sleek look.

Even if you do not get the wood that will snap together, you should still stagger your lay out. When your friends and family see how great you did on your flooring, they will be very impressed with your craftsmanship.

Installing bamboo flooring is something that takes patience and time. If you do not have a weekend to dedicate to this project wait till you have the time that you will need. You do not want to rush through this and then not be happy with the results.

Getting the right kind of flooring can take hours of research, and an endless debate over how the new floors will match everything else. Save yourself a lot of time by making the simple solution first; bamboo!

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