Bamboo Plant Care

Indoor Bamboo Care

Indoor bamboo care, when done correctly can prolong the life of your bamboo.  Sadly many indoor bamboo plants never reach their full potential, which is quite lovely, because of inadequate maintenance and care.  Many bamboo plants that are bought at a local shop, store, or nursery do not come with instructions.

This spells bad news for the bamboo. 

Unfortunately, many plant owners use tips that they believe should work for all plants. 

Many of these methods are not right for bamboo and will stunt their growth. 

Even still some of these methods are down-right deadly for bamboo. 

So to protect your investment, or gift, follow these tips on care for indoor bamboo. 

See the indoor bamboo plant can add life and style to any indoor space.  With over 1200 different bamboo types, there are all types of indoor bamboo plants for every mood, style, and season. 

Indoor bamboo care begins with the proper home for your plant.  The container your plant comes in will most likely be too small before long.  An indoor bamboo plant can grow as much as three feet in one day under the right conditions.  Therefore, transplanting bamboo to a new location is something that will have to be done relatively quickly.

The process of transplanting bamboo is very basic.  Make sure the plants roots are not cut and leave about two inches of soil around the root, more specifically the root ball, of the plant.  Give the bamboo room to move.  A vase or plant pot that has at least two to 3 three inches in-between the plant and the outer edge of the container is fine. 

The container does not have to be particularly deep for transplanting bamboo.  A wide container is a more wise choice than a deep one. One your indoor bamboo plant has been transplanted, now you can begin the care for indoor bamboo.

Be sure to have a mist bottle handy.  Mist your plant every one to two days.  If you live in a drier environment, twice a day will do fine.  This allows the bamboo plant to breathe more easily.  The natural habitat for bamboo is a dense, lush tropical forest where there is always moisture and indirect sunlight.  Keep this in mind as you create a new home for the plant. 

The next step in indoor bamboo care is actually watering the plant.  This is a key tip.  Do not over-water the bamboo.  Bamboos like moisture, but pouring lots of water into the soil of the plant will drown it.  Measure how much water the bamboo has received.   If you see the leaves start to yellow, it is over-watered.  Once a week watering will keep your bamboo hydrated. 

Daily watering is not necessary, a nice misting every day or two will suffice.  Feeding the bamboo plant food once a month will keep it healthy and growing.  More plant food beyond that is overkill.
The next topic for the care for indoor bamboo is sunlight.  Remember the natural environment for bamboo mentioned earlier? 

Lush, dense tropical rainforest are its origins.  Blinding, direct sunlight is a no-no.  Pick a shady spot for your plant to grow in.  More sunlight is detrimental to the bamboo plant. 
These instructions will keep your bamboo green, growing, and great and enhance any indoor space you choose. 

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