Bamboo Plant Care

How to Grow Bamboo

How to grow bamboo is a subject that people have talked about for over 7,000 years. 

Despite the fact that bamboo plants are the fastest growing plant in the world, there are steps you can take to keep your plant friend healthy, happy, and growing. 

If you are new to growing bamboo this guide will help you learn what can be bad for this speed-racer of the plant world. 

If you have grown-up around bamboo plants, as I did, this article can help you learn more about the plant that knows no limits in growth and functionality.

Step 1– Choose a bamboo type.  Bamboo has 1000’s of variations. 

Most people pick a bamboo because they like the way it looks. 

Something about the leaves, color, or size appeals to them.  This is a great rule of thumb.  Bamboos come in many unique colors and leaf patterns. 

There is the traditional forest green bamboo, red bamboo, bright green, yellow, and even blue bamboo!  Growing bamboo plants  can also be made to grow into a shape or fit around or through an object for a personalized flair.  Bamboo plants are as different and unique as we who love them. 

Stretch your creativity.   Find a bamboo that has your name written on it and make it your own!

Step 2 – Make room for your bamboo.  Space is a major issue for bamboo.  Since they grow fast, it’s a good idea to get a larger spot that what the bamboo needs at the moment.  Even though it looks tiny in a big pot or section of a garden, believe me, it will quickly fill the space. 

It is a big hassle to move a bamboo to a new home, so a little planning ahead will save you time later.  Clear space below and beneath the bamboo plant; the roots need space too.  The leaves will need room to stretch out for sunlight, so make sure it’s not rubbing or smashed-against another object. 

Step 3 – Feed the bamboo.  The major thing to remember in learning how to grow bamboo is to keep it fed and watered.  Bamboo plants enjoy soil that is rich in nitrogen.  Fortunately, this is an easy order. 

This is the same diet that most plants like too, so a basic gardening center will have nitrogen-rich soil available for cheap.  Bamboo plants have extensive root systems so replacing the top-soil about every 3 months will keep a bamboo eating like a king.  If you want serious results, find cow or horse droppings. 

These are like a feast for bamboo.  As long as it’s decaying (usually about 5 days old) the nitrogen content is off the charts.  You can apply this over the top of the plant.  If the plant is outside, spread the material where you want the plant to grow to, it will follow the food.

Step 4 – Watering the right way for good bamboo care.  The bamboo is one of the few plants that can drown.  There is a thing as too much water for a bamboo.  Plants that are indoors in a vase are most likely to experience this.  Never water a bamboo more than every other day. 

The only exception to this is an extremely humid or warm (over 80 F/27 C) environment.  This will dry out a bamboo, so water daily in this setting.  Be sure to measure the amount of water your plant is receiving.  The leaves are your water-meter. If they curl up, the plant needs for water. 

If they are turning brown, going dry, then the plant is severely dehydrated.  If they are limp and lifeless, the plant is water heavy.  This is the only reason to stop watering for about a week.  This gives the plant a chance to absorb and process the water it has. 

After the leaves get more life, then return to an every other day measured water schedule. As you learn how to grow bamboo you will know when your plant needs water and when to wait to water.

Step 5 – Let the sunshine.  Bamboos need adequate sunlight, but not directly.  Harsh light will cause the plant to scorch and turn brown.  If the area seems too sunny, shade your plant.  Be sure to keep it cool and well-lit. 

I hope this guide helps you learn how to grow bamboo.  Bamboo does not require much, but it is particular about water.  Pay attention to your plant and observe the leaves.   They will tell you so much about the health of your plant. 

Good luck on your new journey with bamboo.

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