Bamboo Plant Care

How to Care for Bamboo

Learn how to care for bamboo to maximize your enjoyment from your bamboo plant! See, after receiving a bamboo plant, you want to make it grow so it can beautify the space of your choosing. 

The hearty, ancient bamboo plant grows indoors or outdoors with gusto. 

It has long been a favorite of civilizations in the Far East and is making a splash as a worldwide favorite. 

How to care for bamboo is a worthy subject. 

Once a plant is yours, you want to make it grow, and caring for bamboo properly will ensure that. 

Bamboo growth is a by-product of a healthy plant. 

Bamboo grows rapidly and it can quickly become a wonderful indoor or outdoor centerpiece.  Patience is not a virtue of the bamboo, it likes to be fast.  It is not unusual to see several feet of growth out of a plant in a day. 

To get that kind of growth, the care of bamboo must be done correctly.  However, this is not a hard thing to accomplish.  Bamboo is a worldwide favorite because it is easy to care for.  For a beginner in plant care, this is a dream come true.  Fast growth and easy care equals a proud plant owner!

So let’s get to it.  How to care for bamboo really comes down to one thing – common sense.  If you think about a traditional bamboo forest, what do you think of?  A desert, a super-bright dry location?  Or maybe a cold, snowy place?  Neither one of these are right for bamboo.  A bamboo forest is usually thick and somewhat dim.  This is because of the thick greenery present there.  Try to make your space a small copy of this environment. 

To care for bamboo place it in indirect sunlight.  Do not place the bamboo out where it will be exposed to harsh sunlight.  Remember the bamboo is not a desert plant.  It is not equipped to handle so much sunlight.  This applies for an indoor or outdoor plant.  If your plant is outdoors, keep it somewhat shaded.  If indoors, make sure the plant is not in a window sill where sunlight will drench it. 

Too much water will also slow bamboo growth.  The bamboo requires water, as all plants do, but not too much.  It is not a water plant by nature.  Be sure to water twice a week and measure the water.  As an added bonus, use rain water.  If the bamboo were in nature, this is the water it would receive.  If the leaves begin to curl, too much water is being given.  If they begin to yellow, too little water, or too much sunlight is to blame. 

The care of bamboo also includes proper soil.  A nitrogen rich soil is best.  This is easily found anywhere plants are sold.  To maximize care and growth once every 3 months add mulch or rotten cow or horse manure.  This is super-food for bamboo.  It will shoot up quickly after such a feast. 

These quick tips will keep you pleased with the growth of your plant.  How to care for bamboo is not complicated.  Remember to watch watering techniques and sunlight.  These two items will hinder the growth of the plant and frustrate you as a plant-owner. 

All and all the care of bamboo will be simple, enjoyable, and rewarding for you.

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