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"Oh So!" Heavenly Bamboo

Heavenly Bamboo, or its Latin name, Nandina Domestica, is not related to the bamboo family, it is actually in the evergreen genus. The Lucky Bamboo plant is also not related to the bamboo family, but due to their similar growth patterns and foliage, the two were given a bamboo title.

Since this plant is a member of the evergreen family, it can withstand colder temperatures that normal bamboo plants.

Whenever the weather does get too cold for growing bamboo, the leaves will fall off of your plant but they will be ready to grow back once warmer weather arrives.

One thing that makes your bamboo plant special is the color changes that it goes through during the four seasons.

If you choose to take on the task of growing bamboo of this variety of bamboo plants, then you will get to see many of the following changes.

heavenly bambooWhen spring starts, the bamboo plant will begin to have beautiful, bright, copper and red hue to them.

Along with those tasteful colors, your plant will sprout white flower clusters that will add a tasteful accent to any home garden.

Once summer arrives, your bamboo plants colors will change once again, this time to a blue, green mixture.

And the flowers will be replaced by a new batch of blue colored berries.

Then, around the end of summer, the berries produced by the plant will turn into a red tint.

Next, whenever fall starts, the leaves of this bamboo plant will change from their blue, green combination into a red and light red color, leaving bright red berries exposed. Before winter comes, the berries will be enjoyed by many local birds.

Finally, when winter does arrive and the air becomes too cold for the bamboo to thrive, the leaves will fall off and the plant will wait patiently for warmer temperatures to arrive. This is truly the most beautiful part of the bamboo plant, and you will enjoy the show that it will put on for you.

heavenly bamboo

Bamboo care is very simple. The color changes of this plant will be more drastic if it is left in direct sunlight, but during the more intense part of the day, your bamboo plant requires shade.

Try putting your plant on a side of your house that will provide some sort of protection from the plant when the sun is at its brightest. I would put it on the patio or some other place that has shade from directly above.

heavenly bambooOnce the Heavenly Bamboo is firmly in place, there is no moving it. This evergreen acts as other bamboo plants because once it has its roots set; you will have to work hard at killing it.

When growing bamboo, you should know that this bamboo can grow up to eight feet tall, but the growth of this bamboo plant can be contained very easily by pruning the plant every so often.

Heavenly Bamboo can also be planted in an indoor environment to add color to your home. Have fun with your new bamboo plant, and remember to come back to our site for more fun bamboo information!

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