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Growing bamboo is fun and easy to do.  When growing yours, there are certain things to watch out for.  These items, if ignored, can really hurt the growth of the plant. 

Bamboo is without a doubt the fastest growing plant in the world. 

That means it won’t take long to see your plant get as tall and healthy as it can be. 

Before you decide to grow a bamboo plant or two, be sure to plan a little. 

Bamboo care can be different depending on if your plant will be inside or outside.

If your plant is outside, make sure it has a space to expand to.  A crowded spot in the soil beneath or the space above can spell bad news for a bamboo.  Growing bamboo will quickly outgrow a small patch of soil, so make sure your plant can upgrade quickly to a bigger spot. 

You may need to clear a spot in the garden or backyard for the future move of your plant.  Remember: growing bamboo plants can grow as much as 2 feet in 1 day! With such rapid growing, your plant may outgrow its first location in days. 

A secret tip of bamboo plant care is to spread fertilizer where you want your bamboo to grow to.  There are many strange and wonderful unique design bamboo gardens grown with this method.  Bamboo will go where the food is, and it never ever gets full; so fertilize a design into your bamboo care plan.  This will make your bamboo be one-of-a-kind. 

How to grow bamboo indoors requires a little more thought.  An indoor bamboo can grow just as fast as an outside one, so make sure you have made room for it. The main problems that face a bamboo indoors are adequate sunlight and temperature.  Many indoor areas are warmer and more humid than we as humans realize. 

For a bamboo this creates issues of drying out.  Curled-up leaves on a bamboo means it needs a good long drink of water.  Be sure to measure how much water your plant is getting.  Watering every other day is usually enough to keep your plant hydrated. 

On the other end of things, an indoor plant is more at risk for over-watering.  I think this may be because we see the plant more and are aware of the fact that we don’t want it to dehydrate.  For most plants there is no such thing as too much water.  Not true with bamboo! 

Food is the next item in learning how to grow bamboo.  Growing bamboo requires a nitrogen-rich soil to thrive.  The best source nitrogen rich organic material is mammal manure.  Cows or horses work the best.  If the mature is half-rotten (usually over 5 days old) the smell will be minimal and it is very rich in nitrogen. 

Any plant nursery will also have nitrogen-rich soil available for purchase.  Unlike the watering issue, you can fee a bamboo as much as you want.  I t will literally eat and eat and eat. The result?  It will grow and grow and grow!   You can sprinkle new soil or manure on a bamboo plant about once every 3 months or so and experience excellent growth. 

Sunlight and temperature are the last two items to think about when growing bamboo.  Bamboo does not need direct, harsh sunlight to grow.  A nice, shady spot will do a bamboo just fine.  If the leaves on a bamboo begin to turn brown and scorch, it needs shade fast.  This is the bamboo equivalent to a sun-burn.  If you can’t move the plant, shade it. 

Extremes are not good for the bamboo, too much sun or heat will hurt it.  A higher temperature will cause your bamboo to lose water, so compensate by watering more.  Watch the leaves and let them be your water guide. 

I hope this has helped you with your questions on bamboo plant care.  Bamboo plants are simple to maintain, and beautiful to behold.  Let me know about how you’re doing on growing and loving your bamboo.  I’d love to know.  More to come. See related sections below...

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