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Growing Bamboo Indoors

I’ve decided to tell you about growing bamboo indoors. Indoor bamboo plants can make the home look very lively, and attractive. What the benefits are, and which type of bamboo plants are right for your home.

If you already have an indoor plant, like lucky bamboo, then you have an easy plant to take care of.

You will need to change the water about once a week, and only put about an inch of water on your plant.

Lucky bamboo plants do not need a lot of work. Keep them out of direct sunlight, and add fertilizer whenever you see fit, then everything should be alright for you and your plant.

There are many other indoor bamboo plants to choose from though, so do not feel like you have to pick lucky bamboo.

Just understand that there are some plants that take more work to maintain. Many of these plants require more direct sunlight, while others prefer darker conditions.

A good choice for growing bamboo indoors with a plant that needs a lot of light would be to get an Alphonse Karr.

This bamboo plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors. But this is one of the plants that requires a lot of sunlight. You could grow this one inside for a while, and then transplant it outside to let it grow to tremendous heights.

Growing Bamboo IndoorsIf you only have medium lighting available, you can purchase a Golden Square Stem.

This bamboo plant has a very beautiful shape to it.

It does not require as much light as the Alphonse Karr does, but could still be placed outside if you ever want to move your plant to a garden.

Deciding on indoor bamboo plants that only need a little bit of sun light is the easiest way to go.

Lucky bamboo is a very good choice for this, but you can also consider getting a Variegata.

That is another plant that does not need much light to grow. Variegata is much more leafy and larger than other indoor plants, but it has a very pleasing shape to its leaf.

No matter what you decide on, all of these plants need humidity to survive. A good way to do that is to get a pebble tray, then place your pebbles on the tray. Place your plant and its container on top of that, and add about an inch of water into the pebbles. That allows humidity to transfer upwards into your bamboo plants.

When growing bamboo indoors, you do not want to over water your plants. You can give them root rot and recovery from that terrible plant disease is almost impossible. You should only water whenever you notice that the top soil is dry. If you underwater your plants, you can add water. But if you over water them, it is hard to take that water back.

Add fertilizer whenever you see fit, while keeping in mind that the more you feed your bamboo plants, the larger they will get. Sometimes, fertilizer is a necessity, but only if your plant looks like it is weak and is not getting enough nutrients.

Pick wisely, and make the most of your gorgeous bamboo inside your home! 

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