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Envirochoice Bamboo

If you are looking for a high quality floor then this is it! Envirochoice bamboo floors are made from many different bamboo types to create looks that are stylish, trendy, and highly affordable.

You know that bamboo plant retail uses are as varied as the bamboo varieties.

Can bamboo be more than a beautification in a corner of your room or office?

For centuries bamboo has been used to make writing utensils, bowls, candles, artwork, and lamps, this is one of the many well-known bamboo facts.  

A relatively new use is as a flooring substance.  Bamboo plant types offer a wide variety of practical purposes in an indoor space. 

Choose from horizontal or vertical cane direction and a wide choice of color options such as 'carbonized dark', 'natural light' and 'carbonized medium'. These hardwearing floors are coated with six layers of tough lacquer and are backed up with a 10 year warranty. 

With a reputation for bringing quality bamboo floors to the market at very competitive prices, Envirochoice bamboo has become a popular pick for consumers on a tight budget looking to get the maximum value for their money. 

Using bamboo harvested from the quickly regenerating and ecologically sound bamboo groves of China, Envirochoice bamboo is typically manufactured in 3' and 6' plank lengths.  This means that there will surely be a shade that takes your fancy and one that matches the color scheme with which you wish to blend it within your home.

Both horizontal and vertical assembled planks are offered giving consumers the choice of either the classic exposed grain look (horizontal) or that of a more uniformly linear appearance (vertical). The one you choose will simply come down to personal preference.

With Envirochoice you get floors that are robust, durable and, above all, built to last. They come prefinished with no less than six coats of tough UV cured polyurethane aluminum oxide coating. This high abrasion resistant finishing ensures that the floor will provide functionality for many years to come, even with being in heavy use and high traffic areas.

Whether nailing or gluing down an Envirochoice floor, installation is a straightforward procedure for any competent do it yourselfer. You can prolong the longevity of your bamboo floor considerably by carrying out some simple routine care such as regular cleaning.  There are no special cleaners needed to care for the flooring, mild soap and water make excellent cleaners. 

Be sure not to put any oils or substances that you would put on hardwood floors.  This only tends to waste money as the coatings on the bamboo make it impenetrable to these substances.  Be sure to use protectors under furniture items to minimize the risk of damage and scratching when moving heavy furniture. 

This speaks to not only having a retail bamboo plant to add greenery to your home, but walking on bamboo as well.  The manufacturers of this material have taken the time-tested bamboo and updated it.  It is now trendy and modern.  Bamboo continues to amaze me with its style and versatility.  Envirochoice bamboo is beautiful, durable, and affordable. 

Score one more for the ever-versatile bamboo plant!

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