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Clumping Bamboo

I want to explain to you what clumping bamboo is. I want to also talk about the other type of root systems there are, and how that all affects the growth of you bamboo plants. Before you go around planting bamboo everywhere, you may want to understand the way this root works.

The other type of roots that are found on growing bamboo plants is call “running bamboo.”

With this type of bamboo, the root system sends out rhizomes to other areas and then new shoots sprout out of them.

This is the type of bamboo that people consider aggressive.

Rhizomes can however be contained if you take action whenever you are planting bamboo.

You can dig your hole and put up a rhizome barrier that will contain the roots, and keep them from sprouting up everywhere else in your lawn.

This rhizome barrier can be a large weekend project to undertake though. You have to dig around the area that you do not want the plant to grow past in a two foot deep trench, then put up some sort of barrier, either concrete, sheet metal, or a polyethylene material. Then you have to leave that about two inches about the ground so that the roots do not grow over them.

This is where the ease of clumping bamboo comes into play. The roots of this plant stay in one specific area. There is no need to make a barrier with this plant. The overall care for bamboo here is very limited.

Let’s say that you have a clumping root system growing in your yard and you notice a new shoot coming out of the ground. First of all this shoot will be very close to the original on, and second of all, you just have to cut off the shoot with a shovel, or if it is small enough, you can simply mow it down. That will be the end of your new shoots.

Clumping Bamboo

This bamboo type is ideal for someone with a small yard. You can easily control this without the use of a barrier and you will not have to worry about where a new plant will sprout up at. Your neighbors will really appreciate the fact that you took the time to consider their lawns in your gardening endeavors.

If you do choose to go with a clumping bamboo, you will not be limiting your choices in any ways. There are plenty of amazing bamboo plants to choose from that have this type of root system. If you know that you do not want to put up a large protective barrier in your lawn, then do not hesitate to get yourself the clumping type of bamboo.

When it comes down to the time for you to make a decision about what you really want to plant, go with your gut feeling. You are the best person to decide what kind of bamboo you like the best, do not let a root system be the deciding factor. Take what you have learned and go from there.
Happy planting!

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