Bamboo Plant Care

Caring for Bamboo

A quick run down on caring for bamboo...

The fast - growing bamboo plant is becoming very popular. 

More people all over the planet are replacing traditional houseplants like ferns and ivy for the exotic bamboo.

Once a plant is chosen, it’s time to take it to its’ new home. 

This doesn’t necessary have to be your home. 

Indoor bamboo plants can add beauty and elegance to offices, schools, stations, and salons. 

The task at hand once the bamboo is in the new location is to keep it alive and thriving.  Caring for bamboo is not hard.  How to care for bamboo indoors has five main parts to remember.  These elements are placement (location), container, food, water, and sunlight.  Let’s discuss these one by one in a fast, easy way.

The care of bamboo is ideal for individuals who are on the go.  It is very common sense.  For the first element, the placement or location of the plant must be out of direct sunlight.  The natural environment for bamboo is thick, dense forest, so a sun window sill is not a good choice for bamboo. 

For good indoor bamboo care, place the bamboo in an area where it gets indirect sunlight, but definitely not a dark area.  Too much sunlight will scorch the bamboo leaves.
The container that you purchase the bamboo in will probably be too small for a growing plant. 

Remember that bamboo plants are the fastest growing plant in the world, so new accommodations will be needed quickly.  Caring for bamboo properly means thinking of upgrading the pot or vase the plant has to live in. 

It’s not uncommon for the pot or plant to look big with the small plant in it.  Don’t worry! The bamboo will quickly use up the extra space.  Bamboo plants have been known to grown several feet in one day!  So give your plant room to move.

Bamboo food is next on our list.  For a small plant, any local nitrogen-rich soil will do.  This is easily found at a lawn and garden center.  If you have indoor bamboo plants that are suspended in water, a few drops of fish food once a week will keep them healthy and growing. 

If you have a small water bamboo, be sure that the roots are not completely submerged. A nice dose of horse or cow manure will be a boost for bamboo growth as well.  Another alternative is a thin mulch layer to trap nutrients and insulate a potted bamboo. 

Water is the trickiest element of caring for bamboo. Bamboo does not require as much water as most people think.  Be sure to measure the water that you are giving the bamboo.  For most plant, in most places, watering twice a week will be sufficient.  If the location is very humid or dry, more water will be needed to sustain the bamboo. 

The most common mistake is over-watering.  Watch the leaves of your plant. If they begin to curl the plant is getting too much water.  Also if the leaves are yellowing, the plant is getting too much sun – move it to a more indirect location for proper sunlight. 

Indoor bamboo care is very enjoyable.  The plant adds beauty and elegance to any place.  Bamboo plants co-exist very well with other plants; both in and out of doors.  This reference will help you avoid common bamboo mistakes and have your bamboo alive and well for many years.

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