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Care of Lucky Bamboo

Learn the proper care of lucky bamboo in this article.

You just moved into your new home and someone has given you a small plant as a gift.

What does it mean?

What should you do with it?

How should you take care of lucky bamboo?

A very popular gift is the lucky bamboo plant. It is giving in order to bring the recipient good luck.

There are many different forms of this bamboo plant, each with different meanings. Owning a three stalked bamboo plant is meant to bring you joy and happiness. If you receive a five stalked bamboo plant, it should bring you good health.

A six stalked bamboo plant, given as a present, will bring you peace of mind and harmony. Finally, if you get an indoor bamboo plant as a gift that ends in eight, like, 8, 18, 28, or 38, it should bring you great wealth.

Because lucky bamboo is grown wildly in shaded areas of Southeast Asia, this indoor bamboo plant does not need a lot of light. The best type of light for your plant is indirect sunlight. An area near a windowsill would be ideal, but anywhere that receives sunlight will work for growing this plant. If your bamboo plant turns yellow, then you are giving it too much sun, and should change where you have it located. 

Make sure to maintain the water of your bamboo plant. When your water has too many chemicals in it, like lead, then you should change the water. Contaminants in your water supply may not have an effect on you, but something as delicate as your plant will have a hard time processing it. Try to buy filtered water in a gallon jug. When watering, leave the water level about one inch about the bottom of the canes of the plant.

Care of Lucky Bamboo

Sometimes when you take care of lucky bamboo, you will have to give it fertilizer. Sometimes this fertilizer will contain nitrogen and other nutrients that your plant needs to survive. Whenever you are adding fertilizer, please take note that the growth of your lucky bamboo plant is dependent on how much you feed it. Just one or two drops of fertilizer should be enough.

The plant enjoys mild temperatures. If you keep the plant too cold, the leaves will fall off and not look good. If you leave a room too hot, then you might need to water it more, and the life span of your indoor bamboo plant will be cut drastically. Try to leave the temperature between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and your plant should be fine.

With about an inch of water, changed out once a week, some indirect sunlight, and a little bit of fertilizer, just about anyone can learn the care of lucky bamboo. It makes a great present for anyone who enjoys lovely plants. It makes a fun conversation piece and it can bring you luck. This is one of my personal favorite indoor bamboo plants.

With this information, I hope you find that taking care of your plant is easy and enjoyable.

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