Bamboo Plant Care

Care of Lucky Bamboo Plants

Learn how to take proper care of lucky bamboo plants here.

The lucky bamboo plant is originally a part of Chinese culture, where it is considered to bring good fortune.

Recently, Chinese concepts have become popular in the West.

The sturdiness of the bamboo plant symbolizes good health.

The care of lucky bamboo plants has long been known in the East, now there is a demand for this know-how worldwide. 

 It is custom to give this plant to someone as an expression of goodwill towards them now and for the future. 

Lucky bamboo plants, Dracaena sanderiana, are an inexpensive, thoughtful gift that brightens any area and requires little care. 

Unlike floral arrangements, lucky bamboo plant care is not a mystery and growing lucky bamboo will last a long time with proper care. Many times, however, these plants do not come with lucky bamboo care instructions

The most made mistakes like too much watering or an over-abundance of sunlight can quickly kill this happy plant.  All you need is a little attention and observation to practice good indoor bamboo care and keep it healthy and beautiful.

To keep your plant alive and thriving as long as possible, following these tried and true lucky bamboo plant care tips.  The first and foremost thing to do is start with a healthy plant. Make sure the plant smells good.  If a bad odor is coming from the plant, then it is in poor health or maybe even decaying. Bamboo should smell clean, nice, and fresh.

For the proper care of lucky bamboo plants, choose a pot or vase that is at least 2 inches larger than the plant. This will give the root system adequate room to spread out. 

If you have chosen water for your lucky bamboo, fill the bottom of the vase with decorative stones or pebbles, this will help support the plant and keep it upright. The water should be to the top of the stones; about an inch or so. 

Make sure that you wash the plant, stones and change the water at least once a week. This will prevent the bamboo from rotting and bacteria or algae setting in.  This is essential to indoor bamboo care.  Extra organisms in the water will attack your bamboo and shorten its life considerably.  The container you keep the plant in should be cleaned to remove any calcium or mineral deposits on the plant stem.

Try to add purified water to the plant, instead of tap water. Tap water contains fluoride which is not healthy for it. On the other hand, pure water is rich in iron and helps in producing greener and healthier leaves.  Salt water is a no-no for the care of lucky bamboo plants as well the salt actually burns the plant. 

If you wish to grow the plant in soil, take equal parts sand, peat moss and soil to ensure good drainage. The soil should be kept damp between water intervals.  Saturate the pot while watering the plant, don’t be stingy.

Since bamboo grows naturally in the shade of taller rainforest trees, an indoor location, with bright, indirect light, is perfect for it. Even artificial light will work well. Direct sun can cause the leaves to burn, whereas less light will lead to weak growth, stretching and dull, poor coloring. 

These simple lucky bamboo care instructions will ensure your plant last a long, long time and who knows your growing bamboo may start other plants that you can give as gifts and spread the fortune of the lucky bamboo around. 

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From Care of Lucky Bamboo Plants back to Lucky Bamboo Plant

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