Bamboo Plant Care

Care of Bamboo

Proper care of bamboo is an age-old topic.  Bamboo has been used by civilizations for over 5,000 years.  Recently, curiosity on the care of bamboo has reached many people in all parts of the world. 

These areas are typically areas where there are no large native bamboo plant populations. 

Some of these areas are Europe, the Middle East, and Iceland. 

However, it is worthy to note that there are thousands of bamboo species that grace almost every continent. 

To care for bamboo does not take a degree in plants. 

Bamboos are very sturdy and robust.  They are found in many environments and thrive in all of them.  The indoor bamboo plant has a few unique situations but in many ways it’s the same as an outdoor bamboo. 

The main reason why people choose bamboo for indoors is because of its beauty.  It grows fast, looks elegant, and can spruce up the smallest home or office.  It doesn’t involve a large commitment of money or time.  The results are outstanding.  The bamboo is a majestic, simple addition to the space of your choosing.

Once a bamboo plant has been brought to its new home, be sure to watch for a nice spot to keep it in.  Choose a place that is out of direct sunlight.  To care for indoor bamboo, direct sunlight is a no-no.  It scorches the plant, causing the leaves to turn yellow, then brown. 

An area where the entire plant, especially the top, gets indirect light will make the bamboo thrive.  This is one of the most important rules for the care of bamboo.  Many feel with a plant there is no such thing as too much sun.  For the bamboo nothing could be more wrong. 

In the thick forest, its natural home, there is not direct light, because of the mass of other trees there.  You want to try and mimic this environment for your plant in its new home.

The indoor bamboo plant will need room to grow.  A pot or vase will work great.  If it seems too big for the plant, don’t worry.  Bamboo plants grow in a flash.  What seemed like a huge space in as little as 3 months could be outgrown. 

When the roots of the plant reach the bottom of the container, it is time to upgrade.  Until that time, keep the bamboo in the same pot. This may happen faster than you think.  A healthy bamboo can grow several feet in twenty-four hours.

Food and water are paramount in the proper care of bamboo.  Nitrogen-rich soil and not over-watering the plant are the keys to care.  Once potted in nitrogen-rich soil, only change the soil in a plant out every three months.  Anything before that will not benefit the plant. A thin layer of mulch will help keep moisture and temperature in, but it is not a must.

Proper soil can be found easily at a plant nursery or lawn and garden center.  Be sure to measure the amount of water the plant is getting.  For most places, watering the plant twice a week is excellent to keep it hydrated.  If it is humid or very dry, more water is necessary.  If the bamboo leaves are curling, the plant is drowning.  Pull back the amount of water, the plant will thank you by growing. 

The bamboo will be a wonderful addition, and a fun time to boot!

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