Bamboo Plant Care

Care for Indoor Bamboo

Benefit from the beauty of your plant by learning proper care for indoor bamboo.

Bamboo is a favorite plant of the indoor landscape. 

Its beauty, versatility, and style are unmatched. 

Learning to care for indoor bamboo is a fun, worthwhile project. 

You will see results fast and the beauty will be immediate. 

Bamboo is a super-fast growing grass that, upon first glance, has the physical structure of a small tree.

However, bamboos are not a part of the tree family; they are a firm member of the grass family.  True indoor bamboo plants are those that grow in soil, not standing water.

There are over 1,200 unique bamboo types. Most can be grown in any household container. Many bamboo enthusiasts chose a decorative vase or basin to display this showy, plant; to enhance its beauty and appeal. 

The typical indoor bamboo plant has the same needs as other tropical type houseplants.  It is worth noting, however, it is best to verify the optimum growing requirements for your particular indoor bamboo plant for the absolute best results and long-life of the bamboo.  Many bamboo types are non-flowering.  Flowers although aesthetically beautiful reduce the life and heartiness in the plant and can cause the plant to die before its time. 

To care for indoor bamboo properly, plant indoor bamboo plants in good -draining potting soil. Place the bamboo in a potting container large enough so 2 plus inches are between the root ball and container’s edge. A shorter container is better for indoor bamboo care than a deep one in most cases.

Place the potted bamboo plant in a location that has a minimum of six hours of in-direct sunlight each day. Make sure this is not a super sunny location.  Care for indoor bamboo requires that the plant not be in too much sun, this causes yellow leaves and dehydration. 

An area where many mistakes are made is in the area of watering or hydration of the bamboo plant. The bamboo requires less water than most people think and over-watering can kill the bamboo.  Remember when dealing with bamboo plants, less water is more beneficial that more water. 

Be sure to measure the amount of water you are giving the plant, so you know exactly how much yields the best result.   Water the bamboo plant once the top 2 to 3 inches of soil become dry. Water the plant to moisten the soil, but do not let the bamboo plant sit in water, this will kill the plant. Mist the bamboo several times a week with water to keep the humidity level high around the plant. Mist more frequently during the dry winter months.

Fertilize bamboo plants once a month with a high-nitrogen, water-soluble fertilizer. More feeding is not necessary.  If you feel your bamboo is growing too fast, fertilize the plant once every six weeks.  This will stunt some of the growth of the plant, but still keep it healthy. 
Correct indoor bamboo plant care will keep your bamboo growing for a long time regardless of the type. 

Practice excellent bamboo care whenever possible.  It will be good for you and the bamboo.

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