Bamboo Plant Care

Braided Bamboo Plant

A braided bamboo plant is a form of lucky bamboo, or at least it can be.

I want to discuss the art of the Feng Shui bamboo plant. Many people just see them as an ornamental plant that they should just sit on their night stand, and wait for the good luck to flow in.

There is so much more to using these bamboo plants when practicing Feng Shui though.

For instance, most people use a lucky bamboo plant for their Feng Shui purposes.

But whenever they get their plant, they do not realize that they could be getting a braided bamboo plant that is still a form of lucky bamboo; it just looks a lot more stunning.

When deciding on which type one of the many indoor bamboo plants to buy, you should consider what type of luck you want to bring into your home.

If you want happiness brought into your home, get a three stalked piece of lucky bamboo. Get five stalks for health, and six for harmony. If you have a plant that ends in the number eight, that is meant to bring prosperity to all areas of your life.

If you go with a large number of stalks, let’s say, 28, there is no way to grow all of them in one small container without finding a way to contain them. That is where the art of the braided bamboo plant comes into play.

By braiding the lucky bamboo plant, it makes the whole thing much more manageable and it makes it easier to have in one compact plant pot. The braids intricate, yet simple beauty adds dimensions to your plant that other, smaller stalked ones do not have.

Do not get caught up in how many stalks your plant has. Try to focus on the aesthetics of the plant. How does it look, what does that plant make you feel? That is what is important when you are picking out a bamboo plant for your home. Just try to see what the plant will bring into your home. If you decide that a braided bamboo plant is what your house needs, then that is what you should get.

Braided Bamboo Plant

Lucky bamboo is not the only type of indoor bamboo that you can get for the use of Feng Shui. There is also the lotus bamboo, which is similar in size, but has a very different look to it. There is a lot more foliage coming out of the top of one of its shoots than the lucky bamboo does.

No matter what you decide on, just follow your heart. The bamboo can change the whole feel of your living area. It can open up a small apartment, or it can draw the attention of a large room. Using these plants in the art of Feng Shui is a great practical purpose for bamboo in your home and the eclectic nature of this plant will add class to anyone’s home.

Also, don’t feel like you have to have a braided plant. The smallest plants can bring the most joy.



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