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Bamboo Yarn

Bamboo yarn knitting is a past time for many people. Giving someone a gift that you have spent time making for them can mean a lot.

If you choose to knit with bamboo yarn, you will be giving them a lot more than just a scarf; you will be giving them a wonderful gift that is filled with love.

Bamboo plants are a fantastic material to make yarn out of.

Bamboo plant shoots are refined into a pulp that is then mixed with bamboo fibers to create the yarn. It is one of the softest yarns that are available to knit with.

Bamboo trees are known throughout the world for their amazing strength and the yarn is no different.

It has many different highlights that make it an outstanding material. For one, it naturally antibacterial, that’s just another way of saying that it fights odors on its own.

It’s a good thing too, because you have to hand wash bamboo clothing that you knit yourself, so making something like a scarf or some gloves is ideal, while making a t-shirt out of fine thread might not be the best idea.

A bamboo forest can be harvested for many things, making yarn is one of them, and since bamboo is considered a green plant, people tend to dye them with eco-friendly colors. Staying natural is a good way to go because this helps keep the yarn fully biodegradable if you decide to throw it out.

The yarn is also extremely soft. Knitting with yarn spun from bamboo is still pretty new, but one of the reasons that it is catching on so quickly is because it is such a comfy feeling fabric. Most people who think of bamboo only think about its sturdiness; then when they feel how nice it is, they are always surprised.

Bamboo Yarn

Another awesome benefit of bamboo yarn is that is has natural ultra violet light protection. Whenever you are wearing something that is made from this yarn, then you are also wearing an odor free form of sunscreen.

It may seem odd to wear bamboo clothing because that seems like it would get hot, but really it is a good breathing material that hangs smoothly on the skin. It’s the perfect type of clothing to wear if you are out for a walk.

If you are looking for a way to be environmentally friendly while still supporting your knitting habit, then bamboo is definitely for you. If you are unsure about whether or not you will like it, then just find some and pick it up.

I am positive that you will be surprised by how soft and amazing this yarn really is. You have got to give this yarn a try so that you can start knitting with it right away. Just choose a color and design that you love and go with it!

Your friends will be blown away when you tell them that the new scarf or beanie that you have made for them is made out of some bamboo.

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