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Bamboo Types

More on bamboo plants.  As a bamboo expert, I know that there are a plethora of bamboo types out here throughout the world. 

For the 1200 different types of the bamboo plant known scientifically as Gramineae bambusinae, the flower of the plant is used as the identifying element for the bamboo plant type. One of the more obscure bamboo facts is that bamboo is classified as a member of the grass family.

This is due to the nature of how it grows.  Bamboo houseplants are classifised according to their type, species and variety. 

Mostly all of the bamboo types found in the wild can be adapted as indoor bamboo plants

The only exceptions to this statement are the extremely tall bamboo varieties. 

Some can grow over 50 feet, obviously too big to be kept with smaller indoor bamboo plants. 

Another outrageous bamboo fact is the tallest bamboo ever measured was 137 feet!

This was a Dendrocalmus giganteus in North Bengal, India.  This bamboo plant type, known for being humongous, holds the title as the largest bamboo ever recorded.  The 176 foot bamboo had a culm about 19 inches in diameter in order to support the dizzying height and the canopy of that single culm was around 70 feet. 

Bamboo differs from many plants in the manner that it has to be identified. The problem is in the fact that it rarely flowers and this is the easiest way to identify plants. Flowering can vary from a few years up to one hundred and twenty years. Fortunately, the Chinese and Japanese have maintained good records on many species for literally thousands of years.  The rest have been grouped and identified based wholly on vegetative structures.

As a rule the bamboo plant goes years between blooming seasons of flowers. This can be from 20 to over 120 years, so classification is often difficult and in many instances almost impossible.  When a species of bamboo does flower, the grove may or may not establish itself again. The rhizomes (root system) may establish the grove or the flowering process may produce new seedlings not related to the original first flowering. 

Bamboo Types

Here is a quick version of how bamboo grows making it one of the most beautiful and functional grasses in the world.  Bamboo produces new canes, or shoots, in the springtime. These shoots emerge out of the ground and grow in height and diameter for around 60 days.

After the 60 day period of growth, this bamboo cane does not grow in height or diameter again. It will put on new foliage every year, and typically a cane last for 10 years.  Bamboo is a member of the grass family. This makes it a colony plant.  A colony plant uses energy from this existing plant to produce more plants the next year increasing the size of the colony.

The new plants will grow in the same manner. It takes bamboo about three years to get established. It takes a varying number of years (4-15) for different species to reach full potential and their maximum size. This is dependent on the different bamboo types and environment, specifically soil, sunlight, climate and watering conditions.

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Bamboo Plant Type

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