Bamboo Plant Care

Bamboo Trees

I want to talk about how great bamboo trees are to have growing in your home, or outside it.

Bamboo plants are a member of the grass family, so they are not actually trees, but some of them can grow so tall that using tree as a description is not a farfetched idea.

Some types of bamboo have been recorded as growing to over one hundred feet tall.

To me, that qualifies a more fitting description than just plain grass.

Some people want to only grow indoor bamboo plants.

They like them mostly for their use in Feng Shui, but also just to add some color and life to their apartment.

If you want to add something fun and new to your place without having to repaint the walls whenever you move out, a small piece of bamboo is just right.

But some plants, like the bamboo palm can be either an indoor or an outdoor plant, so that if you ever decide to move one of your bamboo trees to the backyard, you have that option. If you are looking for a versatile plant, that would be a great start.

Every now and then, you might find that you need to give your bamboo tree care. For this, I suggest you stick to the basics. Water, fertilizer, and the correct amount of sunlight. Do not try to get fancy with your care techniques, Mother Nature does not try to over complicate plants; neither should you.

Bamboo Trees

Whenever you are watering your plants, you should pay attention to the top soil and the leaves. If your top soil is not dry, do not water it. Only add water when the first layer of dirt is dry. If you leaves are turning yellow and curling up, you have been adding to much water and you should then prune the dying leaves and start watering your plant less.

Fertilizer is not an absolute necessity, but you its benefits are well worth the small amount of effort that it takes to add it to your plants. Bamboo relies heavily on nitrogen for growth. When you are buying a fertilizer you can check the actual amount of nitrogen that it contains, along with some other minerals that are vital to your plants health.

Getting your bamboo plants the right amount of sunlight is something that is easy, but it takes a little patience. You will want to figure out how much sunlight it needs whenever you buy it, then when you place the plant in your house, or you lawn, time how long the sun is on the plant. Figure that out, and move the plant accordingly.

Too much sun is not going to make your plant grow any faster. Some bamboos are used to growing in the shade of rainforests so a lot of exposure to sunlight can severely dry out your plant and damage it.

Owning a few bamboo trees can really liven up an old lawn, with a few simple care techniques anyone can have an adventurous lawn.

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