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Let's discuss bamboo tree care. This is your one stop read for all the information that you will need to succeed in getting the best bamboo growth from your plant.

I want to mention to you that bamboo is not considered a tree. It is actually a member of the grass family.

That’s right; the same grass that you have to mow on a regular basis is the same as all bamboo plants.

Even though bamboo is very strong and sturdy, and some have been recorded as growing to over one hundred feet tall, it is still classified as a plant.

When you first start to care for bamboo you will have to work harder than you will once the plant is fully grown.

Bamboo Tree CareWhen it is young, you will want to water is more frequently, give it more fertilizer, and also watch how its leaves are reacting to the treatment you are giving it.

If you are caring for an indoor bamboo plant most of the same care goes into them.

Bamboo tree care is very similar for both inside and outside plants; you will just want to use filtered water for the indoor ones.

Whenever you first plant your bamboo, keep the sun in mind. If you plant gets too much sun, it can dry out, if it does not get enough, you will notice that the plant is not growing as fast as it could.

If your plant is getting a lot of sun, you can try to help it stay hydrated by watering it more often than you would if it were in a shadier place.

You will also want to keep your plant out of strong winds.

The wind whipping around your plant makes the leaves dry out very rapidly.

Once the leaves dry up, then your plant will have a very hard time creating the food that it needs to thrive and grow.

If your plant is not growing all that well, you may want to add a fertilizer to its soil. The fertilizer will help to supply vital nutrients that the bamboo may not be getting. Bamboo plants that are given fertilizer tend to grow to their full size in a timelier, natural manner, unlike the ones that are not well fed.

Watch the leaves for signs of weakness. If your leaves are not looking their best, try to remedy the situation by giving the plant more water and fertilizer. If your plant is looking good, and you are happy with it, congratulations!

After the hard work you put into learning about bamboo tree care pays off, the work only gets easier. Bamboo does not need as much attention after it is fully grown. The root system will be more tolerant to getting too much or not enough water. It will also be able to deal with getting a lot of sun better.

Now that you have a better understanding of caring for you bamboo plant, spread the word about how awesome owning a living bamboo specimen really is. They are a joy to behold in any garden.

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