Bamboo Plant Care

Bamboo Towels

I want to talk about bamboo towels and how amazing they really are. Just like bamboo yarn, these towels are unbelievable soft and absorbent.

Aside from talking about their fantastic aesthetic qualities, I will be giving you some advice on how to care for your towels to help you prolong the life span of them.

The towels are made similarly to the yarn, where refined bamboo plant shoots are broken down into a pulp solution and then combined with bamboo fiber.

This creates an ultra strong and ultra soft fabric that surpasses cotton by miles.

Bamboo plants are very strong and resilient plants.

They have lasted for thousands of years and have an amazing tolerance for changes in the environment. After Hiroshima, they were some of the first plants to start growing back on the radioactive land. No, they did not grow back with super powers, but it did show builders and designers that bamboo was a seriously strong plant.

Even though bamboo towels have the strength and dependency of the plant that they are made from, you do have to follow washing instructions very carefully. Just like any other towel, they come with washing directions.

You will want to read those very well. Following those directions will increase the life of your towels by a lot. For an ideal cleaning that is thorough, yet still being gentle on your towels, use the delicate cycles on your washers and dryers. If you have the room, air dry them.

Bamboo Towels

Air drying your towels will keep them from being tumbled around. The less abuse you can put your towels through, the better chances you have of them lasting longer. The reason why washers and dryers make your towel lose its comfy feeling is because it grates the ends of the fibers, shortening them and taking away their strength.

When you air dry your towels, it takes all the grating that takes place in there out of the equation. So if you can hang a clothes line, or have a place in your home that you can put them up to dry, you should do that.

After you dry off with the, you will want to let them dry out them too. Do not leave them on the floor in a wadded up ball, they will hold onto that moisture and that will also lead to deterioration.

Bamboo trees have a natural antibacterial trait to them which helps fight off odors. That is a good thing whenever you have wet, used, towels. Anything that helps you fight odors off in your home should be a welcome adversary to your linen collection.

Bamboo towels are a great item to have in your closet, or hanging up for a hand towel. They offer the strength of bamboo with the comfort of cotton. If you ever get your hands on one of these fine towels, there will be no going back to the other stuff.

Bamboo is a very diverse plant that is used in many things; keep on reading more to find out what else you can find it in!

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