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Bamboo Sourcery

The bamboo sourcery is where bamboo is grown specifically for commercial purposes.

There are many places you can go to find bamboo plants for your home or garden, but none of those places quite compare when visiting the Bamboo Sourcery.

At this California based bamboo garden, you can get information on many types of bamboo plants and also get a ton of helpful information from there too.

The name implies magic, and that is what you will find there.

A source of fantastic bamboo specimens at their finest.

From big to little, this is the place to see firsthand how wonderful the bamboo plants really are.

Located in Sebastopol, California, this bamboo emporium celebrates the practicality and beauty of this well known plant. It was founded with the mission of sharing the wonders and natural aesthetics of bamboo to anyone and everyone who wanted to learn.

This place is huge! There are about eight acres for you to walk through and explore. It is filled with many exotic bamboos that are hard to find anywhere else. Each time you turn the corner, something else will freeze you in place with how extraordinary bamboo really is.

There are many skilled people there who can teach you one on one, how to work with bamboo. The people who run this magical place will show you how to work hands on with the type of bamboo you are interested in owning. They have many types of live, growing bamboo there and will help you chose the right one for your location.

Bamboo Sourcery

For example, if you want to take a look at arrow bamboo, you could go to Bamboo Sourcery and take a look around. You can find living examples there so that you can see what you would be growing in your garden and if it is truly a good fit for you. If it turns out that arrow is not the right kind of bamboo for you, the staff there will help you find something that is more suited towards your area.

Maybe you have already taken the first step and bought your own type of bamboo. Now that you have it, you can go this other-worldly bamboo garden and take a look at all of their books, and bamboo specific gardening tools that they have. This place is a one stop shop for any bamboo enthusiast and a great beginning for a new owner.

If you are uncertain about a bamboo problem you are having, this place is full of experts who can teach you the art of bamboo care. Pruning techniques, watering methods, you name it, and their intelligent staff will help you with any problem that you may have.

Not everyone can make it out to California just to learn about and experience how wonderful bamboo truly is. That is why this website is such a fantastic resource. I hope that this article will help those who cannot make the journey to see Bamboo Sourcery firsthand. Take a look around the rest of the site and see what I can help you with.

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