Bamboo Plant Care

Bamboo Shower Curtain Rods

You should take a look at bamboo shower curtain rods if you have ever wondered what the best way to use bamboo plants in your bathroom was? This way you do not have to worry about taking care of bamboo in such a private area.

Feng Shui bamboo plants are usually the norm when you are thinking about the art of Feng Shui.

They represent all five elements that you need to bring balance to your living area; water, earth, fire, metal, and wood.

But putting a lucky bamboo plant in your bathroom is not the easiest solution.

By placing a small plant in your bathroom, you are adding one more daily duty to your routine.

You are also giving your guests more of the same thing when they come to your house. You do not need to feel boxed in when you are practicing Feng Shui, just add bamboo elements to your home to bring some peace of mind.

Bamboo shower curtain rods are great for the bathroom. They represent the wood element, next you have water that is constantly flowing like a tranquil river of serenity. You have the metal element that is represented by your faucets. You could put a stone candleholder on the side of your tub to show the earth element. And for fire, secure the shower curtain to the rod with red ribbons.

That is just an example of how to bring balance to your bathroom. This balance encourages a positive flow of energy into your life, allowing you to have peace of mind and a rested soul. You can arrange your bathroom however you like, but to have a good flow of Qi, or life energy, you will want all five elements accounted for.

Bamboo Shower Curtain Rods

Bamboo trees are known for their sturdiness and that translates over to your shower curtain rods. This wondrous plant is known to stronger than steel and tougher than concrete! It is unmatched by most other woods that are available on the market.

Putting up bamboo shower curtain rods is a great way to add an exotic look to your bathroom. This will set your guests up for a pleasant surprise, instead of seeing another potted piece of bamboo; they will see how you have utilized your knowledge of Feng Shui to be more resourceful in your decorating choice.

This is also the perfect way to transfer a green living lifestyle into a room that is difficult to make environmentally friendly. This is generally a hard room to turn green because of all its water and paper usage, but adding these curtain rods will allow you to make the transition from wasteful to tasteful with little effort on your part.

Take my advice to heart and start making your bathroom the best place it can be. A small change to your bathroom set up can have a great effect on your life. You will be replacing that plastic or metal rod with a piece of wood that has a rich and developed history in the world’s culture.

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