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Bamboo Shoot Plant

Here is some coverage on the bamboo shoot plant.

There are many ways to add a bamboo plant to your world.  Most people prefer to go to a nursery, garden center, or bamboo sourcery center and pick a bamboo that is already established. 

For the do-it-yourselfer, there is a more natural approach.   

In contrast to the bamboo nursery plant, the bamboo shoot plant is just the beginning of a very promising life for the plant. 

The shoot plant can be cultivated for the use of bamboo house plants or commercially prepared to start your own little bamboo plants for sale business.

The bamboo shoot is the beginning of the bamboo plant from the underground, horizontal root system of the bamboo. 

This system is called a rhizome.  The rhizome is the key to the bamboos fast growth. By moving horizontal (left to right) rather than vertical (up and down) the roots of a bamboo can grow outward more quickly.  This promotes lightening-speed growth for the plant world. 

Not all vendors carry the bamboo shoot plant, so call ahead or find another means of communication to the location to make sure they have them before making the trip. They should let you know if they have these “starter-kits” for the bamboo plant, also what variety of bamboo the shoot is. 

If you are in an area where bamboo grows wild, you will see these large, brown bulbs with green in the middle close to mature full grown-type bamboo plants.  If you are in the wild and decide to pluck one, be sure to not cut the rhizome, this will kill the other plants and shoots in the chain. 

Bamboo Shoot PlantJust pick-off (by cutting) the shoot, do not disturb the rhizome

Think of it as the way you pluck a grape from the stem but you do not cut the stem. 

You can accomplish this by cutting at the base or bottom of the rounded, slightly oval shaped shoot. 

After you cut, you should be able to see the horizontal rhizome and an indention where you have cut the shoot. 

It should still be one attached piece, uninterrupted. 

You may see bamboo seeds around the rhizome, do not disturb these they are future majestic bamboos!

At the commercial level, choose a shoot that looks hydrated and ready to grow. 

If it is too curled up, it may be dehydrated.  A quick mist of water should make it open back up within a few days.  A good misting is also a good idea for a newly purchased bamboo nursery plant as well. 

Many times during shipping the plant dries out, the misting will let the plant know water is available without drowning the plant.  Bamboo is finicky about water as I have mentioned in previous articles on bamboo care. 

After purchasing or picking the plant, bring it home and make sure it has adequate light, soil, water, and food.  It will not be difficult and you will see results most likely within the first week. 

You no doubt have seen bamboo shoots at the grocer.  These are the edible shoots of two species of bamboo. Not all species are tasty as shoots, so if in nature, and check before cooking. The shoots are used as a staple in numerous Asian dishes and broths, and are available in supermarkets in various sliced forms, both fresh and canned or pickled versions.

Bamboo is one of the most mysterious plants in the world - but not because a bamboo shoot plant is difficult to grow. Its mysteries lie in its ability to grow, delight, and bring forth emotion. A symbol of peace, wisdom, calm and flexibility throughout cultures around the world, bamboo has a human connection few other plants can rival.

Bring these fascinating bamboo house plants into your landscape and languish in their ethereal beauty firsthand.

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