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Bamboo Seeds

Let's discuss a very interesting topic, bamboo seeds. These little seeds can be very rare but very necessary for growing bamboo. I am going to help you understand why some of these seeds are so hard to come by, and how to choose the right one for you.

Some seeds are rare because most bamboo plants only produce seeds once every hundred years.

Also, not every seed that you may come by is guaranteed to bud into an amazing bamboo tree.

The seeds that do bud will defiantly show the bamboo growth that is always impressive.

There is also the trouble of getting a hold of some bamboo seeds.

Many foreign specimens that may be in far off locations like China are taken away by customs officials. There has been a long standing law in the US about the import of bamboo from foreign countries.

That being said, you still have many other options when it comes to growing bamboo from a seed. You can always buy a local type of bamboo plant. Whenever you buy bamboo in seed form, there will be more work involved trying to get it to germinate, but the plant will be cheaper than if you bought a fully grown one.

Once you have decided on which seed you want to buy, the next few steps can be very easy. You can over complicate this step if you want. But I would just stick to the basics and track your bamboo growth on a chart to make things more interactive.

Bamboo Seeds

You will want to soak your seeds in warm water over night. Between 85 - 100 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also just leave them wrapped in a warm, moist, paper towel until you see a small root, and a small shoot emerging from the seedling.

After you have seen the beginnings of your new bamboo plant, get a small pot with soil in it. Break up the dirt with your fingers and place the bamboo seed in the middle. Cover the little seed with a small amount of dirt.

Then you will want to water the dirt. Do not use too much water because that will cause the seed to get soggy and will ruin any chance of growth. Now cover your pot with a plastic bag, cover it loosely so that oxygen can still get in. The plastic bag provides a nice humid environment for the seed; it is basically a small green house.

Now place this pot in a shaded place that will still receive some sun light for a few hours a day, and in about one week you should see a bamboo plant growing! It’s important to note that not all seeds are guaranteed growth, so never buy just one seed.

There are a few variables you can change. Instead of using a plastic bag to cover you pot with, try the bottom half of a 2 liter soda bottle. This has the same affect, and you have a chance torecyclesomething that would just be thrown away.

Also do not lift up the plastic bag or bottle because that will release the important humidity. The humidity is what will continually keep your bamboo seeds damp and is what encourages the bamboo growth.

After your seed had begun to grow, and it reaches a certain size, you will want to know the logistics behind transplanting bamboo. That is something else that I am very excited to help you with.

Happy Planting!

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