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Bamboo Roman Shades

Ever considered Bamboo Roman shades to block the incoming sun?

Bamboo window blinds are a cool, new way to block out light and keep your privacy in your home.

The material that is used is an eco-friendly alternative to other woods, and bamboo Roman shades bring a rustic look that any vintage lover will enjoy.

These blinds are very similar to bamboo roll up blinds because they are designed to function in the same manner.

Whenever you want to let some light in, or you want to peak out into the yard, you pull on a string that rolls the blinds upward.

The difference between Roman shades and bamboo vertical blinds are that the vertical blinds are made for larger windows and are meant to have more mobility so that you can pick and choose where you want them to open at.

Bamboo Roman Shades

Whenever you set up your bamboo Roman shades, you will get to see how they bring a touch of antique looks with them. If you choose to go with a traditional bamboo color, then whenever the light hits the shades, it comes out on the other end with the look of an old brass knob.

All sorts of golden hues will make their way through the blinds and give your home the look of some old cabin somewhere. You can also get the shades in different colors that are darker than regular bamboo plants. But if you do get those, the light will not have the same look when it has light shining through it.

These shades are set up just a little bit differently from other blinds. They can use a thicker piece of bamboo for their blinds to allow more light to come through. They also have thick bamboo fibers holding them together.

The combined effect gives them a rustic, quaint look that the other bamboo blinds do not really imitate. Each different set of blinds brings their own unique design with different looks and feels. Roll up blinds tend to be put together with a smaller string.

If you have any animals in your home, you will want to keep them away from these blinds. Bamboo is a notoriously sturdy plant, but the shades will be broken and split if your animal scratches at it for too long.

Bamboo Roman shades are also a green product because the bamboo plant that it is made from is also eco-friendly. Getting some of these shades is a way for you to get something that you love without hurting the planet in anyway.

Whenever you get a bamboo product, do your research on it to make sure that it was harvested in a sustainable manner. Once you see that it has, you can get that product guilt free, knowing that what you are paying for is made from all real pieces of natural, earth-friendly bamboo.

Roman shades provide your home with a simple, yet charming elegance that other blinds fall short of. Pick out the style that best suits you and then you will be on your way to making your home a bamboo haven.

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