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Let’s keep going with more on bamboo plants. I’m going to break-down a little of the history of bamboo.  I will also discuss how to grow bamboo.  Remember: a growing plant is a healthy plant! 

The best way to tell if you have good bamboo care skills is to know how much your bamboo is expected to grow based on its type. 

See how your plant compares to its neighbors.

So exactly what is bamboo? 

The plant that we have all come to know and love is actually not a plant at all – it’s a grass.   

That’s right; it’s classified by science in the grass family. 

The idea of mowing a backyard full of bamboo on a Saturday morning doesn’t sound like an easy task to me.   However, bamboo is one of the most versatile “grasses” in the world.   As early as 7500 years ago, people in China started using bamboo for just about everything.  History shows that about 5000 years ago it became a building material there.

Most people think of the East, specifically China as where bamboo is plentiful.  Bamboo is truly a worldwide plant.  Native bamboo can be found in Northern Australia, India , and the Himalayas.  They are in sub-Saharan Africa as well.  The lucky bamboo plant is actually African in origin.  Growing bamboo plants can be found in both North & South America.  The only two continents with no native bamboo population are Europe and Antarctica.

Today bamboo is used as all types of things.  Bamboo can make bedding, flooring, medicine, paper, food, jewelry, furniture, clothes, sheets, toys, and crafts. Believe me this is by no means the full extent of its use.  It can also be used for candy, cigarettes, and even as an ingredient in a love potion! 

Bamboo Plants

Of all the uses of bamboo, they all have 1(one) thing in common.  Without bamboo none of them can exist! Proper bamboo care is needed to ensure that there is enough bamboo for the 1000’s of uses that it can be adapted for.  Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world – period.  There is no disputing this fact. It grows fast, but bamboo still needs proper care to reach its full potential. 

Properly caring for your bamboo is the single best thing you can do to get a pretty addition for your home or business.  Make sure your bamboo has room to grow.  Growing a bamboo can be hard if the plant is stunted because of lack of space. 

Make sure it has adequate light & air circulation.  If you live in an area that can get very hot or cold, try to shield or shade your bamboo.  Extreme temperatures do not help a bamboo get bigger. 

The next area of care is food & water for the plant.  Bamboo is like people in the fact that it require food, clothing (shielding or shade from extreme temperatures), and shelter (a space to call their own).

Bamboo food is not a fancy affair.  Any soil that is high in nitrogen will feed a bamboo nicely.  Nitrogen-rich soil can be purchased from any garden center or plant nursery.  For a natural approach, horse or cow feces that is half-rotten will be like super-grow for your growing bamboo plant.  You really can’t over-feed a bamboo, so the more the merrier.  Daily feeding is not necessary, but whenever you find organic material rich in nitrogen – give your plant a buffet!

A very important thing for good bamboo plant care is the right amount of water.  Plants can be drowned out – so water with caution.  Every other day is good for most.  If it’s a hot environment (even indoors) then move it up to everyday.  Watch the leaves of your bamboo, if they start to curl in – you’ve got a thirsty bamboo. 

If your bamboo is indoors in a container, be careful not to drown it.  Measure the water, and water every other day.  Do not let the indoor bamboo sit in water.  Give your bamboo enough water to thrive, not to swim. 

As you begin to understand how to grow bamboo, you will become more in-tune with your bamboo.  Daily you can actually see your plant thrive & grow.  It is truly a beautiful thing.  As I stated before, it grows quickly so the fruits of yourlabor are not far off.

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