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What are some of the Bamboo plant FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) out there? How do you plant it? How do you grow? How to kill bamboo?

Fortunately for you and me, for thousands of years cultures in the Far East have kept meticulous records on the bamboo plant.  

Due to this diligence, a very detailed and accurate history and characteristic reports on different bamboo types exist. 

As more people learn about the bamboo there are bamboo plant FAQ that continue to need answers. 

My goal today is to expose some great bamboo facts from many sources including the American bamboo society

I also will tell you how to do a basic identification of each of the basic bamboo plant type that grows in abundance on the planet today.
Here are the top three bamboo plant FAQ, in my experience.

1. Will bamboo grow in my home, office, or garden?

Bamboo plants grow everywhere!  The indoors and the outdoors of virtually any location can become hospitable to bamboo.  The traditional bamboo that comes to mind, green, tall, and lush is usually better for more tropical environments.  The heartier, “woodsier” bamboo is perfect for cold environments and locales.

2. How can I make my bamboo grow?

Make bamboo grow is extremely simple.  Use a practical mix of sunlight (real or fake), food, water, and soil

3.. How can I tell if my bamboo is sick or in trouble?

To take a health check of your bamboo, watch the leaves.  Yellow = too much sun, Curled=dehydrated

If the leaves are falling off, the plant may have a disease that requires immediate attention.
For someone considering growing bamboo for the first time these questions make sense and are the foundations of one day becoming a bamboo expert like me. 

Of course, each bamboo plant type has specific nuances, but these questions can be answered right here in a generic way.  The American bamboo society does a fantastic job of going in-depth on specific bamboo types and giving specific information related to those particular types. 

Most bamboo plant FAQ are related to growing the plant, how tall it will grow, if the environment is stunting the growth of the plant, bug infestations, and the like. 

Bamboo plants are traditionally tropical plants and are prone to the challenges of tropical plants.  Bamboo growing too quickly is a frequent question or comment I get from people who own a bamboo.  Conversely, I do not receive as many from people whose bamboo is not growing.  Bamboo is almost indestructible.  It will grow and grow. 

As bamboo maintains its popularity and status many bamboo facts and common questions will become common knowledge worldwide.  Bamboo continues to be thought of as a tree, actually it is a grass.  Many type of bamboo, such as the aggressive clumping bamboo, must be stopped or it will take over a garden. 

These are some of the interesting bamboo facts that I have enjoyed treasuring since I was a boy in the Philippines.  I feel privileged to share the glory and history of bamboo with a new audience.  May all your bamboo questions be answered and lead to a successful bamboo plant in your midst.

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