Bamboo Plant Care

Bamboo Plant Care

A fast, simple guide to bamboo plant care.  Learn easy steps for excellent bamboo care. Growing bamboo plants will be effortless using this article.

Once you have decided that bamboo plants are right for you, its time learn how to care for them properly. 

Bamboo plant care in many ways involves using common sense about plants. 

The growing bamboo is particular about water, but the other things that help it grow are common to most plants all over. 

The first thing is to bring your plant home, and give it a location of its own. 

Bamboo plants require a nice space where it has plenty of room to spread out.  After all this is the fastest growing plant on the planet.  A cramped plant will not make your home or office truly beautiful. 

Next up is the sunlight issue.  Bamboo naturally grows in thick, shady forests. To best copy this naturally occurring environment give the plant indirect light at a moderate level. Too much light will definitely kill the plant.  Direct sunlight is not a good match for growing bamboo.

Bamboo care issue number three is soil.  Any nitrogen-rich soil is a feast for bamboo.  It is not necessary to change soil for bamboo care unless the plant has out-grown the pot or area its’ located in.  A bamboo bonus is to put a small amount of half-rotten animal manure mixed into the top-soil.  This is a buffet for bamboo!  This method, done about twice a year, will ensure that you will have fast growing bamboo plants.

The most important issue about bamboo is hands-down when and how much to water a bamboo plant.   Most people have a tendency to over-water the bamboo. This will stunt growth of the plant.  Excellent bamboo plant care is a balance on watering the plant.  If the plant is in soil, the top inch of the soil should be moist. 

If it is dry, it’s time to water. If the plant is suspended in water, a few drops of plant food will suffice to keep it healthy.  Change the water every time you feed the plant, which should be about once a month.  Be sure to remember or write down how much water you gave the plant, that way you can do the same thing again next time.  If the plant is dehydrating you will know it .The plant leaves will turn yellow if it is too dry and needs more water.

A bamboo can also be kept in water.  To do this, fill a fish bowl or vase half-way with water.  The roots of the bamboo should be totally submerged.  If you are going to keep your plant in water, be sure to use filtered water.  Filtered water will help to avoid chemicals in the tap water that can make your bamboo plant sick. 

Growing bamboo plants is a mixture of common sense and a few helpful hints along the way.  Using this guide to bamboo plant care will get you on the right track to having a healthy, happy bamboo.  Pay attention to your plant and watch the leaves.  The leaves will tell you if the plant is doing well or not.  Good luck on your bamboo adventure.

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