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Bamboo Place Card Holders

You can bring in the peace and tranquility of some bamboo place card holders to set the mood for your guests even though a wedding reception can be a very stressful component of any marriage ceremony.

After your worries about giving your vows in front of all of your new family members you get to face another hectic situation, the reception.

A lot of planning goes into a reception.

What kind of food to should you serve?

How many people will attend it?

Where should it be held?

The list goes on and on, but one easy solution to telling people where to sit is by using some tasteful place card holders.

When your guests spot their names on these eclectic cards, they will be able to take a second and appreciate the thought that went into their seating arrangement and all of the hard work that you put into the planning will be rewarded with smiles.

There are many reasons to choose bamboo place card holder, one reason being that they are environmentally friendly. Bamboo plants are a very renewable source of wood that are harvested in a way that is not wasteful.

When your guests notice that you have used a sustainable source of lumber they will be grateful that the wedding that they attended was not a tacky one that hurt the planet.

When bamboo trees are grown, they are used cut off at the shoot where the plant will be able to grow back in no time. That helps keep the animals and other life forms that depend on bamboo safe and out of harm’s way.

Bamboo Place Card Holders

A Feng Shui bamboo plant can also be added as a center piece. A lucky bamboo plant makes a great adornment for the middle of your table, and will give all of your friends and family something to admire while they are waiting for you to arrive.

Lucky bamboo can help bring balance to the place where your ceremony will be held. And it can also bring a positive flow of life energy involved in every aspect of your reception, from the dinner to the cake cutting.

Along with place card holders, you can also have a card that contains bamboo printed onto it. You can have a nice blend of real bamboo with a picture of bamboo to bring about the feeling of a peaceful field with wild bamboo growing throughout it.

When you use bamboo place card holders there is no reason that you should feel boxed in with your other decorating choices. You can still have plenty of floral arrangements around your reception. Bamboo has a natural knack for blending in with its surroundings, creating an overall ambiance of peace and relaxation.

So please do not feel overwhelmed by all the decisions that you will have to make when it comes to setting up your wedding reception. Adding some simple, yet ornate place card holders can really make the whole mood of the table one of harmony.

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