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Display Yourself in a Bamboo Picture Frame


A bamboo picture frame is an awesome use of bamboo plants. It is a creative way to display you pictures, it is also eco-friendly and it is an inexpensive way to implement bamboo into your home.

Pictures frames are a very tricky thing to pick out for your home.

Some can be way too flashy or ornamental.

While others can be too dull and not contain nearly enough color.

Whenever bamboo gets involved though, a picture frame can be transformed into a means of displaying a picture with confidence and taste.

Bamboo plant shoots can frame a picture and give it a very exotic and wild look, but you can also get a more tamed version of this too.

You can have a flat surface that has been painted over, or you can have multiple shoots that have been laid out in a patter, whichever you go with will be guaranteed to look amazing around your photo.

Something that makes a bamboo picture frame more of a great buy is that aside from having a wonderful look, it is also something that environmentally friendly.

While other woods and plastics can be harmful to the earth when they are thrown away, bamboo is very easily broken down.  Bamboo trees have the ability to be farmed in a sustainable way.

Other trees can take almost hundreds of years to grow back to their full size, if they even grow back at all. Bamboo on the other hand, grows back very rapidly after it has been cut down.

Since bamboo is a member of the grass family, picture a huge bamboo forest like it is your lawn. You just mowed a few days ago and now it is raining. How long before you cut your grass again?

You will probably be cutting your grass within a few weeks. If your lawn was like an oak tree, you would only have to mow once every fifty years. It’s this kind of reasoning that makes bamboo so resourceful and eco-friendly.

Bamboo Picture FrameWhenever you are deciding on which style of frame to get, just take a look at the picture.

What does the photo look like it needs? If it looks like a wild photo, go with a thicker bamboo picture frame.

If it looks more subdued, then go with a basic frame. The choice is yours!

These frames make excellent gifts because of the message that it sends.

It is a way of giving someone an eco-friendly and practical gift.

Most people have some pictures that they would like to be able to frame.

You do not have to give this away as a gift though; you can proudly display your photos in one of these frames to show your friends how open you are in your design tastes.

Bamboo is a great resource to show off your inner green attitude without having to make major changes in your life.

Show off you pictures with pride by displaying them in a picture frame that is crafted from the magnificent bamboo plant!

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