Bamboo Plant Care

Bamboo Palm

You should really take a look at the bamboo palm if you are looking to add some new bamboo plants to your collection, but want one that looks a little different.

Like regular bamboo plants, it has many of the same growing characteristics and patterns, but this plant has some pretty special looking foliage.

The leaves that come out of this plant are very large and decorative.

They will add some nice shade and serenity to anyone’s garden.

At the ends of the bamboo plant shoot many palms come out of it.

The leaves are very similar to the leaves of a palm tree. They add a different look to a garden that might have been missed if you stuck to more traditional styles of bamboo.

You can add a bamboo palm to your regular indoor bamboo plants as well. This plant is usually potted and grown in a variety of locations. If you do decide to grow this plant inside, you will have to watch out for spiders and other forms of bug life.

This plant is generally grown from seeds and can take about nine months to be ready to grow on its own with little attention. But until it is ready to be more on its own, you will need to water it, just like any other bamboo. You want to keep this plant moist, not soaking wet, only water it whenever the top soil is dry.

Bamboo Palm

Watering your plant is the most important thing you can do for it. If you don’t water it enough, it will die. If you water it too much, it will die. So make sure to check the top soil and keep an eye on the leaves to make sure that they are not drying out too fast.

You will need to fertilizer this plant too. Stick to feeding it during the summer months, adding a time released fertilizer will help keep you stay on a good schedule. Time released fertilizer will also be a good choice for this plant because it will be used at the right time with little intervention from you.

Pruning you bamboo is simple as well. If the leaves are starting to look dead, just trim them off at the base. Using a pair of gardening shears is your best bet for this step; make sure that they are good and sharp.

If you have been growing your plant indoors but want to make the transition to an outdoor setting, just move the plant in its pot outside. You plant will appreciate the extra sunlight and it will only grow from this move. You might have to water it a little bit more because of the extra heat that the plant will be receiving.

The bamboo palm is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to get a bamboo plant that is a little more interactive than just a shoot sticking out of the ground. It does not take too much effort to keep this plant happy and healthy, just follow the advice that I have given you and you will be able to sit back in the shade of your lovely bamboo.

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