Bamboo Plant Care

Bamboo Orchids

Bamboo orchids, much like lucky bamboo are not really a type of bamboo plant. This is actually an orchid with characteristics of bamboo.

I want to show you how this fantastic plant acts like bamboo and how it can add great aesthetics to anyone’s home.

Because of this plant can be very aggressive in its growing nature, and because it’s appearance, this orchid can be easily mistaken for bamboo.

When there is no flower on the end of the stem, the orchid can look just like growing bamboo does.

But once you take a closer look, you can see that this is actually a flower.

In the center of the stem the inside is not hollow. If this were true bamboo, the center would be hollowed out. But the shoots of the orchid do look remarkably grass-like in nature.

They are long and skinny with many different leaves that have sheaths that hang on to the shoot. Without the orchid on the top, most people would just classify this plant as another type of bamboo.

Then orchid does bloom year round. But mostly it will bloom in summer and autumn. The more sunlight that they are in, the more intense the color changes will be. If you decide to get some bamboo orchids for your garden, try to keep them shaded during the hottest parts of the day.

This bamboo plant used to grow very aggressively, but as of lately has become neutralized. Many people believe that this has happened because this orchid has no reward for the smaller animals that would normally do the cross pollinating. When a bee gets pollen from a rose, it does so while collecting food for itself. The orchid has nothing to offer the insects, so this plant does not always grow out of control.

Bamboo Orchids

This orchid is a choice for growing bamboo indoors because of how easy it is to take care of. It is a plant that will need more sunlight than the lucky bamboo would but that should not be too hard to come by. Just put your orchid in a plant pot and care for it the same way you would a regular bamboo plant.

Whenever your orchid is ready to bloom, get ready for a fantastic sight. They generally bloom in clusters. Sometimes there is only one flower, but there can be as many as ten flowers per cluster. Fertilizing your orchid will help you achieve optimal flower growth. Try giving this bamboo plant fertilizer once a season. You can play around with different types of orchid food too, from seasonal, to the slow release kind.

A bamboo orchid is the right thing for someone who is looking to plant an exotic flower in their garden. Take the information I have given you and make the informed decision for yourself. Whatever you do, just remember that “We know bamboo… And so can you!”

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