Bamboo Plant Care

Bamboo Nursery Plant

Let's talk about YOU becoming a parent to a new bamboo nursery plant.  LOL.

If you want a truly beginning experience you can also become the proud mama or papa to a bamboo shoot plant, which is the precursor to the nursery plant.

The advantages to obtaining a bamboo nursery plant are the same as the true experience of parenting. 

You are there at the beginning.   You know exactly what the plant is receiving; you regulate and monitor every aspect of this tiny plants young life. 

Therefore, you can mold the plant from scratch, the bamboo seeds are the only aspect you haven’t regulated. 

This can be important for the future of your bamboo house plants

It is easier to keep a plant healthy from the start rather than nursing a sick plant back to health. 

If you get a bamboo nursery plant or shoot you can keep it on the proper path from day one.  This virtually eliminates the problems that come from poor bamboo care such as dehydration, bug infestation, or disease. 

Once you have the nursery plant at home, the single most important aspect is to feed the plant.  Select bamboo fertilizer that is a high nitrogen formula with the essential minerals the bamboo needs for robust, vigorous growth. 

These fertilizers are usually liquid in nature and are very inexpensive.  Usually you may leave it in the potting soil you received it in for a few weeks.  If you are in need of soil, regular potting soil will do nicely; nothing exotic or extravagant is required. 

Bamboo Nursery PlantIf you have any other bamboo house plants, be sure to continue proper maintenance on them as well.

Don’t neglect the older bamboos for the new ones. 

Remember the seeds of the bamboo plants you have can be planted to produce your own plant from scratch. 

The nursery plant will often come in a container that is big enough to hold it for a few weeks to about two months depending on growth. 

However, if you see the bamboo growing faster, go ahead and re-pot it. 

If you are placing it with other bamboo plants just make sure the roots don’t intersect, this could cause a bamboo root system gridlock nightmare. 

The roots will all grow together and tangle, the new plant shoots will literally be fighting for a place on the rhizome. 

A newbie bamboo nursery plant can be a wonderful way to watch bamboo grow and thrive. 

It also is amazing to watch how fast it grows. You may see several inches or centimeters the first 48 hours. 


Remember bamboo is beloved for its fast growth.  As your new plant matures be sure to continue to use the bamboo fertilizer to keep it full and nutritionally ready for rapid growth.  Make sure it is in indirect sunlight, the plant will be too immature to handle harsh sunlight, which is damaging for full grown bamboos as well. 

Mist daily and water once a week with spring or distilled water.  Do not use tap water on your nursery plant.  Follow these tips and you will be proud of your new plant and the growth you induced by properly caring for the bamboo from the beginning. 

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