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There are many ways to enhance your home with bamboo house plants.  Many people choose ferns, the ficus tree, or ivies to add a touch of green indoors.

Still others rely on man-made look-alikes of these natural beauties to add flair to a room without a window or a view. 

Coming from me, Rey, a bamboo-expert; all of these pale in comparison to having bamboo house plants. 

Of all the bamboo plants for sale, approximately half are for indoor use. 

This means hundreds of thousands of the bamboo plant shoot and nursery plants are destined to be indoors.  

Growing bamboo indoors requires making sure your plant has many elements that nature looks to on the outside.  The first is adequate, indirect sunlight.  Bamboo house plants respond well to a sunny indirect spot. 

However, artificial light sources provide the same power as the real sun for bamboo plants.  If you have a room that is poorly lit, too sunny, windowless, or below ground a fake power source is ideal.  Just make sure to limit the amount of time the plant is exposed to the light.  Just like natural sun, the plant can become over-exposed and begin to yellow. 

If you are starting off with a bamboo plant shoot, natural light would be your first choice.  If it is not feasible, use the artificial source about six hours a day on the shoot.  Observe how it responds and give more or less “light therapy” as indicated by the health of the shoot.  A nursery plant can be treated in the same fashion.

Bamboo House Plant

If you are planning to have bamboo plants for sale, it is simple to start a small bamboo growing center.  Take the bamboo plant shoots, plant them individually, and start adding bamboo plant food to each shoot. I would advise growing them separately in different containers just to avoid and rhizomes (the horizontal root system of bamboo) from becoming tangled. 

Nutrition is a key issue for bamboo house plants.  Bamboo plant food must be administered on a regular basis for consist growth of the plant.  I feel once a week is best.  Daily is definitely too much.  Your bamboo will grow like a weed with that much food! Once a week will keep it healthy and sustain consistent growth.  Most bamboo food is a liquid that is administered in droplets at the base of the plant or shoot. 

Make sure you have space in your home or office to grow bamboo plants.  They can grow fast, so in a few months be prepared to move them to a larger container.  Make sure your space gives the newly emerging leaves room to branch out without hitting a door, wall, or ceiling. 

Space can sometimes be an issue with bamboo.  Before choosing a bamboo variety be sure to know the average height for the variety and growth rate.  This will help you gauge if the space you have makes sense for that variety. 

There are over 1200 varieties so I am sure you can find one that fits all of your space and beauty needs.  More to come on bamboo….

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