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Beautiful Bamboo Headboard


Let me suggest a bamboo headboard if you just embark on a quest to find the best headboard for your bed.  There are many advantages to owning one of these beautiful pieces of furniture, like it is eco-friendly, it has a long lifespan, and it is one of the more refined pieces of lumbar you can use.

Whenever bamboo plants are cut down to be used for lumbar, they are usually cut in a sustainable way.

That is to say, the bamboo growth takes place very quickly without having to plant a whole new one and wait for it to bud.

Getting a bamboo headboard is a good way for you to support mother earth.

Other timbers that are cut down do not have the regenerative properties of bamboo.

With those other trees, you would have to replant new ones in order to get more timber, but that takes years to have a tree big enough to use for building material.

There is no need to go around planting bamboo after it has been cut because it will grow back.

Also there is no deforestation when people harvest bamboo trees. More traditional woods like redwood or cedar get cut down from actual forests where they have been growing for years. Bamboo is usually grown in a designated plot of land designed specifically for timber bamboo.

These headboards also have an amazing color to them without being stained. Bamboo already has an outstanding look to it but after it is sanded and refined, the end result is stunning. Its elegant tone is unmatched by any other type of wood that there is.

Bamboo Headboard

Also, since bamboo is such a strong plant, it stays strong as a headboard. This is a very durable piece of wood that will last you a long time. And this wood is also very good for people who have allergies because bamboo is considered an allergy free wood.

One more pro to owning this kind of headboard is that it is very resistant to rotting. This goes hand in hand with its durability and strength. With all these positives to owning a bamboo headboard, there have to be some cons, but surprisingly there are very few.

One thing is that they can be dented, not broken though, just dented, and only if you hit it hard against something. Another thing is that they can be scratched too. So if you have a dog or cat that wants to play around the bed, don’t let them.

Most of the negatives about these headboards are shared with all types of furniture though. I wouldn’t let my pets around any of my nicer pieces of furniture just to make sure that they didn’t scratch it. And once your headboard is in place, there will be nothing to dent it. None of the cons are anything too serious.

So take your pick when you are choosing a headboard, there are many to choose from. But there is only one that comes with all these benefits, and it is made from the strong bamboo plant.

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