Bamboo Plant Care

Bamboo Growth

I want you to help you better understand bamboo growth and what you can do to affect it. Getting the most from your bamboo plant can be very simple.

You need to watch the water that you are giving it.

You need to give your plant fertilizer whenever you see fit, and you need to make sure that the environment that you are growing it in is suitable for your plant.

If you are starting your growth from the very first step of using bamboo seeds, then you should make sure that your water supply is pure and changed regularly.

If this is an indoor form of bamboo, then you need to change the water about once a week using clean, filtered water.

If it is outside, then make sure the watering schedule is three to four times a week at minimum.  For both inside and out, fertilizer can sometimes be a necessity if your soil is not that rich in nutrients.

You can add fertilizer if you want your plant to grow larger and at a faster pace. Limiting the amount of fertilizer can help you control the size of your plant, but it can also make things get out of hand before you realize what is happening.

You also need to make sure that the place you have your bamboo set up is ideal for the type of plant that it is. Depending on what bamboo plant type you have determines where it should be located. Like, how much sun it is getting, and is it getting a lot of wind can have many affects on bamboo growth.

Bamboo Growth

If you put some types of bamboo in very windy areas, that can dry out the leaves very fast and cause your plant to perish. Also some plants require more watering than others, so if it is located in a windy area, make sure that it is not drying out by adding more water.

Try not to add too much water though, because you can damage the plant that way. You could give your bamboo “root rot” which is very difficult to overcome. If you don’t add enough water, you can easily add more. But if you add too much, you will have a difficult time reversing the affects of the dreaded root rot.

If all of this is too much information, try setting up a silk bamboo tree in your home and see if you like the way that the fake plant looks. If you think that it adds some nice color, then you could get a nice living plant to replace it Silk bamboo can have a very realistic look to it, but it can never replace the real thing.

So please take these things into consideration when you think about your bamboo growth and what you can do to affect it. Watch your plant closely and I know that you will have a tremendous plant in no time!

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