Bamboo Plant Care

Bamboo Forest

A bamboo forest is an amazing sight to behold. In one of these forests, you can see hundreds of different bamboo plants growing within nature.

It is a place to witness the true beauty of bamboo, and will deepen your appreciation for this plant.

I want to talk about where a few of these majestic forests are located, and why growing bamboo there is so successful.

I will discuss the many different plants that grow there, and what to expect from a visit to a forest full of bamboo.

You can find one of these forests in Japan, they usually surround Shinto shrines.

These shrines are places of worship to the Shinto gods. Bamboo plants are put up around the shrine to keep evil spirits away.

Sometimes a bamboo forest is referred to as a grove. These places are designed for people to meditate in. You can walk into a bamboo grove and listen to the bamboo be blown back and forth in the wind; each breeze singing a melody of serenity in your ears. There are groves located throughout the world, they are here in the United States, and they are even found in India.

Aside from their outstanding aesthetics, bamboo also helps agriculture. Some places make bamboo groves for the sole purpose of creating paper out of it. Once the bamboo is growing, the nature of the bamboo takes over and keeps reproducing itself.

With this renewable resource growing itself, the business will then make paper out of some of the older bamboo. Running bamboo is a better way to have a rapidly growing crop, because clumping bamboo is not as fast of a grower. In these groves there will usually be only a few forms of bamboo that can be used as paper or lumber.

Bamboo Forest

If you want to find a multitude of different types of bamboo, you will have to go to some other place than a paper factory. There are gardens that consist of hundreds of different bamboo types. They are there for people to relax in or to go to learn more about the bamboo itself. Bamboo Sourcery is a place like that.

There you can go and get help from a very knowledgeable group of people that really love and care for bamboo. They have around eight acres of bamboo groves where you can go and explore the many different shapes and sizes that the bamboo plant can have.

You can also go there and get advice on which type of plant is right for your area. For reasons such as that, a bamboo forest is an awesome resource to have at your disposal. Try to find one that is located near you and check out all the unique things that bamboo has to offer you.

If you do not have a grove in your area you can always check out a local nursery or botanical garden. But there is nothing like seeing hundreds of bamboo plants growing all around you. You can truly appreciate the enormous sizes that they can reach, and see them at their smallest when they first sprout.

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