Bamboo Plant Care

Bamboo Fishing Rods

Bamboo fishing rods are a great alternative to expensive and overhyped fishing gear.

Whenever you walk into an outdoor store and you walk to the fishing aisle, it can be shocking to see the price tag on the rods.

The price usually does not even include the reel or the line and hooks.

You can simplify your fishing by keeping the cost to a minimum by getting bamboo fishing rods.

It has been tested for centuries and because of the natural strength of bamboo plants, you get a sturdy rod that will last you a lifetime.

It is such a simple formula that you take a lot of things that cause problems on other, more expensive rods out of the equation.

Most of these to not have a traditional reel. They are just a piece of bamboo plant shoot that has a piece of fishing line on it. Nothing to get tangled up and you would have to catch one huge fish in order to snap the rod.

Of course you can always spend a great deal of money on a more modern rod and reel. You will get a fancy rod that has a very light weight and it will come with eye-holes to thread your line through.

One of the advantage to having bamboo fishing rods in your arsenal, is that bamboo is a very light plant and that carries over into the world of fishing. With a lighter rod, you will be able to feel a nibble on your line more easily and you will be able to pull back and hook the fish even faster.

Bamboo Fishing Rods

But with that lightness you also get a more fragile rod. I have seen many people have their fancy, high dollar graphite rods broken because a fish was causing too much tension on their line. The same thing can happen with bamboo if you are using a very thin pole.

That is why you should give old fashioned bamboo fishing rods a test run. They are not very expensive and they make fishing easy and less stressful. It will be just you in the water with lacquered piece of bamboo trees in your hand, waiting patiently for a little nibble that will bring a lot of fun with it.

Another great thing about a simple rod is that you will not have to give it a lot of tender loving bamboo care. They come lacquered with a thick finish so that they are ready to take on the waters and all the abuse that you can throw at them.

Bamboo is an amazing natural, renewable resource that many people steer away from because it seems like such a fragile plant. This plant is stronger than steel, and harder to break through than concrete. If you choose to embrace bamboo, you will be surprised at how well it really works.

Fishing with a bamboo rod, is a great escape that takes little to no time to set up. With the help of the very useful bamboo plant on your side, no fish will be able to escape your lure.

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