Bamboo Plant Care

Bamboo Care

Bamboo care can be tricky because bamboos like a lot of water. Here are a few awesome ways to care for growing bamboo plants in your home or office.  These tips will keep your bamboo plants alive and thriving.

Bamboo is a plant of the grass family and grows rapidly in certain outdoor locations.

Short, curled bamboo is sold in small pots for placement indoors as lucky charms.  

Bamboo can also be sold in water or in a small pot. 

Some people face problems when planting bamboo in perforated pots and moving the plant indoors.

Knowing a few tips and tricks about how to grow bamboo will make your experience less problematic and more successful.

How to grow bamboo is an issue of proper maintenance and care.

Ensure your plant gets a good dose of the sun’s rays. Bamboo, like all plants, needs good sun exposure to be able to grow and grow fast. Good bamboo plant care does not involve direct sunlight.  This will burn the plant.  Keep your bamboo in a brightly lit room.  Don’t just leave it sitting on the window sill forever.

Bamboo care, to a large extent, comes down to food and water for the plant. The best fertilizers are soils with high nitrogen content.  Mulch or half-rotten cow or horse manure is a good, but somewhat smelly choice – it works great.  The smell disappears fast.  Another great way to care for your bamboo is to give it a nice little layer of mulch.

This will trap the water and give the bamboo a good place to draw water from when it gets thirsty. The mulch can also help keep the temperature stable. If the plant gets too cold or too hot it will start to wilt and die. 

Planting bamboo plants in pots is a popular alternative to traditional house plants. For centuries, bamboo has been associated with luck.  Recently, the practice of having potted bamboo grew in popularity as the interior decorating method of Feng Shui became well known. Bamboo can be a manageable potted indoor plant as well as an outdoor gem.  Indoor bamboo plants are becoming more common, partly due to the superstition that it brings good fortune.

Whether you believe in the luck of the bamboo or not, an indoor bamboo plant is a beautiful, hardy and exotic plant to add to any home. Bamboo is easy to grow and to care for, making it a good choice for those with little time to spend on the greenery inside their homes.  Proper bamboo care will ensure plants that add beauty and serenity to any living space. 

Remember when it comes to bamboo food for the plant, indirect light and adequate water work wonders for this speedy plant.  Bamboos grow rapidly and will only need to be moved if the roots of the plant are at the bottom of the plant or vase that contains this green beauty.  

Caring for bamboo is simple and ideal for anyone who wants beauty without a big time or money commitment.  Enjoy your bamboo!

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