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Bamboo Bird Cage

Getting a bamboo bird cage for your home is a great way to add ornamental decorations that can be used in the art of Feng Shui.

You can also use this sturdy cage for holding real birds too.

Bamboo plants have many uses once they have been ecologically harvested for building supplies.

I say ecologically because the way that growing bamboo is gathered up is very eco-friendly and sustainable.

Bamboo house plants have been used in Feng Shui for many years.

But a Feng Shui bamboo plant does not have to be a small decorative plant that you keep on a coffee table; it can also be a piece of art made from bamboo, like a bamboo bird cage.

Bamboo Bird CageThese bird cages come in all shapes and sizes.

Some of the smaller ones are perfect for places up in the corner of a room, they can add dimension to an area while also bringing a wood element into your home.

You can get these with little birds painted on the inside, or covered in ornamental colors.

You could also get a plain bamboo bird cage that has not been altered in any way and add your own paint to match your décor.

I personally love the plain bamboo color; a tan tone totally looks great for this simplistic approach to decorating.

If you want to take a practical approach to housing your birds, this is a great wood for that too.

Bamboo is very light and sturdy; you will not have to break your back moving this cage around.

Plus, these bird cages come in very large sizes too, to you can house multiple birds in them, or just one big one.

I knew a man once with a parrot names “Peanut,” that kept his bird in a bamboo cage. Peanut would always chomp on the side of his cage, or hold onto it for support when he moved around, but the cage was strong and he never chewed through it.

You can also place a bird cage outside for wild birds to use as homes. There are prefabricated ones you can buy, or you could get a bird cage and just hang it from your porch. If you do get a regular cage, make sure that you remove it from the door from it so that birds cannot get accidentally closed in.

With these fancy, elegant bird cages, you can do many things with them, from decorating, to keeping your beloved bird in it, to having it hang outside for nature to enjoy. Anyway you choose to use it is a good way.

They can bring peace and strength into your home, they can provide a living space for your pets, and they can give shelter to wild birds that are looking for a new home. With those choices in mind, pick the cage that is right for your needs.

The size of the cage should depend on what it will be used for. Then you can pick out a color that you love. And finally, you can put up your new bird cage with pride!

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