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Bamboo Beaded Curtains

I want to discuss bamboo beaded curtains. I want to talk about their rich history in Asia. I want to also talk about how limitless your options really are.

Beaded curtains have been around for centuries.

They originally were from Asia most likely because of the availability of growing bamboo in the region.

From there they spread to other continents like Europe.

They are even found in regions of Africa.

Bamboo plants grow wildly in many regions, sometimes in a vast bamboo forest, and their use within the home of many people is not surprising. It is a graceful plant that is light and very resourceful. When it hangs in a door way, it is like sending out an invitation to walk through.

Bamboo Beaded CurtainsYou can get bamboo beaded curtains in an endless array of colors and designs.

They come in many styles too, like for an arched frame or just a regular square opening.

You can choose to stick with a natural bamboo color, or you can get something printed onto it.

The design that comes on your curtains can be something that is really meaningful to you.

You could choose a picture of the sky, or hearts, or an animal that you are particularly fond of. Take your time whenever you are picking out a print that you will be getting, it should be something that you can look at with joy, but not something that overtakes the room.

You are not stuck with bamboo as a choice for your wood either. You can choose from multiple types of material to be used as beads. There are wooden beads or plastic beads to choose from, even gem stones, but none of them bring the same type of balance to a room as bamboo does.

A Feng Shui bamboo plant brings a lot of balance into a room. Between wood, earth, water, fire, and metal, a plant has it all. But having bamboo curtains will bring the wood element into full swing in your home and if properly used, can be put with other items to achieve full Feng Shui balance.

If you do not want to put a curtain up in your doorway, you still have other options. You can place them in your window as a way to block out light, while giving other people something pleasant to look at.

Bamboo beaded curtains have a sound that really make them special. Most other beaded curtains have a nasty, hollow sound quality to them, but with bamboo, you have a peaceful clatter that brings warmth with it. They are like a dog collar, you hear your pet jingling from across the room and instantly you are reminded of the love you have for your animal.

Beaded curtains are not just for hippies. You can bring these curtains into your home for a new approach to decorating and turn this icon for the Sixties into a new twist on your decorating style.

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